Random Ramblings: Busyness, Pastors.com and Righteous Anger

I can’t believe it. I missed Wednesday church last night. In and of itself that is not hard to swallow, but the fact that I just plain forgot about it – that’s just unbelievable. I am becoming more and more convinced that the world system has one goal, and one goal only; distract people with activities and responsibilities to keep them occupied in order to prevent them from going about their Father’s business. That’s it in a nutshell. Unfortunately, in our fast-paced American culture, it is working to perfection. Continue reading

My Heart Breaks

On the eve of celebrating our Lord’s victory over sin, death and the grave, my heart is heavy. At work yesterday, the two student workers I’ve been witnessing to decided to make light of God, Christ’s resurrection and anything else remotely related to the gospel. I honestly can’t recall precisely what all they said. I think I’ve blocked it from my memory. Every time I would seriously broach the topic they would generally scoff and mock it, making references to TV shows such as South Park, which regularly stomp on the bible’s pearls of wisdom. They had some good laughs at my expense. Continue reading

Random Ramblings – Apologetics, Books and Freemasonry

At the suggestion of a dear friend, I will endeavor on occasion to write about random goings on in my life so I don’t remain a mysterious, shadowy figure behind a keyboard spewing rhetoric into the blogosphere every day. So, here goes.

Church Stuff

After Wednesday service ended last night I talked a few moments with my pastor. I asked for wisdom in my witness to my Hindu friend. I briefly told him what I had spoke with him on, and he agreed that my approach was good. He asked if I had invited him to Easter service. I said yes, and that I was very hopeful that he would come.

Pastor then told me I should study apologetics because he thought I had the mind for it. I was surprised. I thought he knew me better than that… I thanked him for the encouragement, but said I was still trying to get my theology straightened out. Apologetics wasn’t a big priority at the moment. I gave him my view that while apologetics was important, the preaching of the gospel is what saves souls and that’s my main focus. I did defend apologetics, giving him my illustration that apologetics is akin to keeping the fish in the pond so they don’t float off down a shallow stream of deceit and die. Apologetics keeps fish in the pond so they can get caught up in the gospel net. Apologetics makes for better fishing! Someday when I have grasped my theology better I will engage this noble ministry more fully. Continue reading

The Fruit of Free-Will Theology

Just a few short years ago I had come to the end of my rope. I was ready to hang myself in despair. From the time God saved me in 1995 until 2000 when I finished up college, I had experienced marginal spiritual growth as a Christian. From mid-2000 to late 2005 my spiritual life collapsed.

So what happened to wreck my spiritual growth?

The simple answer lies in my efforts to establish my own righteousness after having received grace. I based my assurance on my spiritual performance. The cause of this faulty understanding had much to do with my limited exposure to teachers and preachers of God’s word. I swore allegiance to only 2 teachers and my pastor. Coming from a Pentecostal/Charismatic background I was taught early on to only listen to so-called ‘spirit-filled’ preachers, teachers and prophets.

Translation: I should only perk my ears toward pentecostal types who believed in tongues and spirit baptisms.

I could hardly tolerate any of the TBN preachers and teachers who fit this profile, although I would tune in to John Hagee and Hal Lindsey from time to time. I didn’t bother with the so-called ‘dried-up non-spirit-filled’ teachers, so my options were very limited. My pastor preached messages that were focused more on the happy life than on the scriptures so I wasn’t growing in the word much through him.

Note: Little did I know at the time my pastor was following the Church growth/Seeker-sensitive blueprint for manufacturing mega-churches. But that is another story… Continue reading

From Adam to Christ

I finally got my chance to share the full gospel message with the two student workers I have been chronicling about in my past several Adventures in Evangelism posts. Ned is the scientifically minded skeptic who nonetheless is considering adopting Judaism as his faith. Michael is a citizen of Zambia who is a Hindu by upbringing.

Last week as they were leaving my office I made an appointment to meet with them at the student union after work, have a drink and discuss religion. They agreed without hesitation to meet on Tuesday. The day came and I had them working with me that afternoon. We never discussed anything about the meeting or religion during work. At 5:00 they headed home. I almost forgot the appointment myself. I raced out the door and caught them just outside the building.

I said, “Remember our appointment today? Are you guys still game?” Continue reading

A Blessed Birthday

I turned thirty… something today. It has been a relaxing, thoroughly enjoyable birthday. I am surrounded by my loving family and am rich beyond measure with all of God’s blessings.

Speaking of blessings, I took the day off of work and simply kicked back, read my bible and played a little football on the kids’ XBox. In the evening we ate supper at my favorite Mexican restaurant with all of our relatives. However, I must admit, the most exciting part of the evening came when I sat down at the dining room table to open presents!

Yes, I know, how carnal of me, right? Wait a minute! Don’t be so quick to judge! I received two of life’s greatest necessities; clothes and books! Books specifically designed to aid in my study of scripture. Here’s what I got: Continue reading

Man Came Not from Monkeys Nor from God?

For almost the entire past two weeks I have had the pleasure of working closely with two student employees in helping me install micro-projectors in university classrooms. ‘Ned’, who I have witnessed to in the past (see here) and his close companion ‘Michael’ are able workers and have helped me tremendously in completing my latest project. I have been looking for opportunities to preach the gospel to them, but we have been so busy with the installations, time has not permitted much dialog between us. The chance finally came at around 4:45 P this past Friday after we had completed the job. We were all gathered in my office resting from our labors, having casual conversation. Surprisingly, Michael and Ned broached upon the subject of religion.

Ned made a remarkable comment saying science would likely disprove the existence of God in time. I had discussed evolution some with Ned before and realize he puts much of his faith in science. I found it odd, because he had admitted to me in our previous discussion he was considering adopting Judaism. I didn’t bring up his apparent contradiction in thinking here. Continue reading