Man Came Not from Monkeys Nor from God?

For almost the entire past two weeks I have had the pleasure of working closely with two student employees in helping me install micro-projectors in university classrooms. ‘Ned’, who I have witnessed to in the past (see here) and his close companion ‘Michael’ are able workers and have helped me tremendously in completing my latest project. I have been looking for opportunities to preach the gospel to them, but we have been so busy with the installations, time has not permitted much dialog between us. The chance finally came at around 4:45 P this past Friday after we had completed the job. We were all gathered in my office resting from our labors, having casual conversation. Surprisingly, Michael and Ned broached upon the subject of religion.

Ned made a remarkable comment saying science would likely disprove the existence of God in time. I had discussed evolution some with Ned before and realize he puts much of his faith in science. I found it odd, because he had admitted to me in our previous discussion he was considering adopting Judaism. I didn’t bring up his apparent contradiction in thinking here.

Ned informed me that some kind of bird found in the Galapagos islands was evolving before our very eyes. He mentioned the beaks of this bird were becoming more curved or something like that, I don’t quite recall. He looked at me triumphantly, as if he expected my faith to crumble at his feet beneath the weight of this new revelation.

“Hmmm, interesting,” I replied.

“See. That proves evolution is real.”

I said, “What kind of evolution? Micro-evolution? I wouldn’t argue with that. Macro-evolution? That’s a different story. Answer me this. Is it still a bird?”


“So it hasn’t evolved into an all new life form?”


“Then evolution is still not proven.”

The conversation continued on like this for a couple of minutes. Ned threw some monkey bones my way saying scientists have obtained ape skeletons transitioning into humans over the eons. Michael piped up that he does not believe man evolved from monkeys. I turned my attention to him at this point curious about his views. Michael, an international student, hails from Zambia. He is a Hindu, according to Ned.

Hoping to draw his beliefs out into the open I asked Michael his thoughts on how man came to be. He said “We were put here.”

I asked, “who put us here?”

He replied “It wasn’t God, I know that!”

His response surprised me. “Well, who or what placed us here then?”

He shrugged his shoulders and repeated his declaration with great conviction. “It wasn’t God, I know that!”

“Aliens?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

He shook his head vigorously. “No” he said scornfully.

“If God did not put us here then who did?”

“I don’t know. I know it wasn’t God.”

I’m not sure what the Hindu belief of creation is, but I sure tried to find out. However, Michael was not responding to my prodding in the way I had hoped.

Ned noted quitting time had arrived. As they made their way to the door, Ned made some last comment in support of the theory of evolution.

I simply remarked, “You take evolution on faith just as much as I take my belief in God on faith. The difference is you trust in man and I trust in God. Who should you believe?”

I expected a disdainful reply but Ned nodded reluctantly in agreement. Perhaps simply because he was ready to get out of my office and begin his weekend! I told Michael I would like to discuss religious matters with him and Ned over a drink after work sometime. He appeared agreeable to my proposition. I wished them a good weekend and they left.

Observations: Evolution never fails to come up when I discuss the Christian faith with people. It is brought up as a kind of shield against the barrage of truth aimed at the conscience. In reality, it is simply an excuse the deceitful heart clings to, in order to avoid accountability before God and to live any way it wants to without fear of consequence. Man’s natural heart looks for ways to veil itself from the glower of God’s disapproval, even after his mercy is freely offered through the gospel. All natural man can see is the loss of worldly pleasure if he submits to God.

Perhaps I should brush up on my apologetics on evolution so that I can do a more competent job of ‘keeping the fish in the pond’ so they can eventually be caught up in the gospel net. I held up my end OK, I think, but I could do better. I also intend to obtain a better working knowledge of the Hindu faith that I may be a better witness to Michael.

I pray the Lord will bring us together soon for that drink (Mt. Dew for those wondering) so I may have the privilege to share God’s saving grace through the gospel with them.

3 thoughts on “Man Came Not from Monkeys Nor from God?

  1. The birds that Ned referenced are the Darwin’s Finches. They are the birds that Darwin studied when he voyaged to the Galapagos Islands. They’ve been “evolving,” or “micro-evolving,” just like any other species on the planet. Yet, as you stated, they are still simply…..birds…..more specifically….finches. Shocking, I know. These birds prove the theory of evolution to be a clear, visible fact just like those monkeys that are still evolving into humans today. Oh, my bad. Monkeys no longer evolve into humans. Sorry.

  2. HI!
    I am a hindu. I studied many books published by Hare Rama Hare Krishna temple and I agree with the arguement they raised that when monkeys evolved into man then why still monkeys are existing and why now a days monkeys stop evolving into humans.

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