Is Our Unbelief > God at Work in Us? – Part 4

Here is the next post in this series exposing the false doctrines of a Word-Faith teacher who stopped by a local church just long enough to drop a full load of heresy on its unsuspecting congregants.  I’m astounded that it’s been necessary for me to write five long articles debunking a handful of Prosperity Pete’s teachings from one single sermon – and I’m only dealing with a few selected quotes.  If I determined to critique the entirety of the message my response would be novel-length. This is ludicrous! The doctrines I’ve defended should all be obvious to the discerning reader of God’s word.  This is common sense, foundational level stuff, folks!  But somebody has to do it. These teachers have ministries because they have followers, else they would have long since abandoned the occupation.  So onward I press.

Quote:  “Unbelief is more powerful than God in you.”


What truth?  I don’t see any truth here, just one great damnable lie.


Man’s disposition of failing to trust upon the Lord who created him somehow overrides God’s ability to govern him.  When put like this it sounds even more ludicrous.  This idea stems from a typical Word-Faith teaching on the essence of faith itself.   They have hijacked the term and completely redefined it. Faith isn’t an unshakable trust and tenacious clinging to God and all his promises.  No, faith is a force, an internal power inherent in all humanity that can make things that are not as though they are.  In other words, faith has creative power when spoken, just as creation came into existence when God spoke.  Continue reading

Is Our Unbelief > God at Work in Us? – Part 3

Prosperity Pete has an unhealthy obsession with the sin of unbelief.  I’m almost convinced that he has a great affinity for it.  He certainly treats it with a tremendous amount of respect.  In his message I’m critiquing, he makes bold claims about the ‘power’ of our unbelief.  First, let’s look at this statement just bursting at the seams with false claims:

Quote: “There is only one sin – unbelief.  Everything else are lawless deeds.  There is only one sin that cannot be forgiven – the sin of unbelief.”


Unbelief is a serious, grievous sin.


Unbelief is the only sin.

No.  Not even close.  1 John 5:17 reads, “All wrongdoing is sin“.  The apostle John earlier in the same epistle states, “sin is transgression of the law.” (3:4)  Breaking God’s commands and doing evil of all kinds is sin.  Unbelief, too, is sin.  Not believing God certainly will lead one to transgress God’s laws, just as Adam and Eve chose to believe the serpent’s lie rather than God’s commands.  Unbelief may be at the root of every sin committed, for our natural disposition believes the seductive whispers of sin rather than the promises of the written word of God and the voice of conscience.  However, unbelief is not the sum total of all biblical sins.  Nowhere in either the Old or New Testament can this claim be substantiated.  Any want of conformity or transgression of God’s moral law is sin.  Violating any of the Ten Commandments is a sin.  If I look at a woman lustfully I’ve committed a sin. If I steal, lie or covet I’ve sinned. Continue reading

Is Our Unbelief > God at Work in Us? – Part 2

In this post I will take  selected quotes said by Prosperity Pete from Part 1 and break them down to  determine if Scripture actually teaches these things.

First at bat:

Quote:  “The devil is your adversary.  Your enemy is ignorance.  Never forget that.  The devil is not your enemy, he’s your adversary… The word adversary just means ‘one who questions your identity’.  The enemy can only destroy the ignorant.”


Devil does mean adversary.  He is indeed our adversary in living a Christian life. Pete appropriately quotes from 1 Pet 5:8,which reads, “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” Continue reading