Caution: Bloated Blog Ahead

Pardon me, my hypocrisy is showing.

Let me explain.

I enjoy reading a variety of Christian blogs on a daily basis. However, I limit myself to five or so of my favorite sites due to time constraints. I’m also concerned of digesting too much varied information in a short span. This often leads me to remember absolutely nothing about what I read that day.

What wasted labor!

I am often turned away by posts that are too long. I just don’t have time to work my way through them. My mindset while browsing my favorite blogs is to read quickly and move on to the next post.

My philosophy is, if I’m going to do any substantial reading, I will read books on topics of interest or articles on the Internet by well established, renowned authors, praised as great teachers and writers in their field of expertise.

Now you can plainly see my hypocrisy. Yes, I have come to realize my posts are often bloated beyond the point of bursting. I have a vision of my readers cringing as they read my posts, expecting at any moment to hear a loud pop followed by a multitude of scrambled letters raining down on their desktops.

I am humbled that anyone who regularly reads this blog has stuck with it through some of my 2,000 word plus marathons. A common recommendation that blog sages give for post length ranges from around 250-600 words max.


After checking my archives, save the ‘Great Quotes’ and ‘Post of the Week’ categories, my average post size weighs in at a whopping 1,361 words.

That’s a lot of excess verbiage, my friends.

I have 5 posts with 1,800 words or more. My longest post had 2,187 words. And that’s after I had edited out a couple of sections!

My fingers are outta control! Once they begin dancing across the keyboard they just don’t quit! It’s like their performing ballet to “The Song that never Ends.”

Well, by the grace of God I’m a merciful and compassionate fellow. I will torment you no longer. I have decreed a crash word diet. My posts will no longer meander on and on and on and on… Oh, sorry! There I go again. (Sigh) This is going to be hard to overcome! I have a dictionary addiction and an enlarged thesaurus gland. I need help!

My posts from now on will be short and succinct, concise and lucid. Easier said than done, I’m sure. (especially the lucid part) My goal is to max each post out at between 600-800 words. I think that’s attainable. Hehe. I can always turn a post into a 8 part ‘series’ if necessity dictates. Ok, I know that’s a loophole and I will endeavor to not use it as a crutch.

My philosophy with theological matters will be to give brief overviews and link readers to resources that can provide deeper, and much more insightful views into those subjects. My readers will benefit much more from minds that are far greater in stature than my own. I suppose my objective is to simply pique interest in doctrine, theology, Christology and ultimately the glory of God. In other words, I hope to bore you no longer.

Welcome to the new, leaner, slim-lined version of A Peculiar Pilgrim. I hope you will enjoy.

Note: I’m off to a pretty good start. This post is just over 500 words.

Yes! I can do it!

Like with the Weight Watchers program, I am carefully tracking numbers. I’m losing weight in pounds and in verbiage. I feel better already.

3 thoughts on “Caution: Bloated Blog Ahead

  1. Obviously, you have a passion for writing. Your posts do tend to be verbose. Now, I’m not saying that’s bad. You need to be able to express your God-given gifts and talents. May I give a possible suggestion? Go ahead and write your full-length articles. Yes. I am speaking of the “bloated” ones. However, save them as a PDF document and attach it to your post as a download (if that can be done). Then, create an executive summary of your full article and make that your post body. Now, you have the short version AND the long version posted, but the long version is just an option in the event that your readers want to know or read more. You could even form your own e-book(s) made up of related posts. What do you think?

  2. Stumbled upon this really old post by accident, but I’m glad to see that in the last year and a half you’ve taken to heart your goal of being more concise. It does wonders for your readability and does little to affect the power of your words.

    Then when you’ve intrigued your readers and they want more, maybe as suggested you could release a longer-form version as an e-book or something like that.

    If you’re interested check out more of my thoughts on blog post length in my blog about being a journalist:

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