Random Ramblings – Apologetics, Books and Freemasonry

At the suggestion of a dear friend, I will endeavor on occasion to write about random goings on in my life so I don’t remain a mysterious, shadowy figure behind a keyboard spewing rhetoric into the blogosphere every day. So, here goes.

Church Stuff

After Wednesday service ended last night I talked a few moments with my pastor. I asked for wisdom in my witness to my Hindu friend. I briefly told him what I had spoke with him on, and he agreed that my approach was good. He asked if I had invited him to Easter service. I said yes, and that I was very hopeful that he would come.

Pastor then told me I should study apologetics because he thought I had the mind for it. I was surprised. I thought he knew me better than that… I thanked him for the encouragement, but said I was still trying to get my theology straightened out. Apologetics wasn’t a big priority at the moment. I gave him my view that while apologetics was important, the preaching of the gospel is what saves souls and that’s my main focus. I did defend apologetics, giving him my illustration that apologetics is akin to keeping the fish in the pond so they don’t float off down a shallow stream of deceit and die. Apologetics keeps fish in the pond so they can get caught up in the gospel net. Apologetics makes for better fishing! Someday when I have grasped my theology better I will engage this noble ministry more fully. Continue reading