Book Review: Tactics

TacticsTitle: Tactics – A Game Plan for Sharing your Christian Convictions

Author: Gregory Koukl

Publisher: Zondervan

Page Count: 207

Readability: Easy

Synopsis: This book may not be what you would initially expect from one filed under the category of Apologetics. The author doesn’t set out to pen an in-depth A to Z defense of the Christian faith as so many volumes before have already accomplished in staggering detail. No, Gregory Koukl is determined to help Christians be wise as serpents and harmless as doves when confronted with challenges to their faith. Hence the title, Tactics.

Koukl differentiates between strategy and tactics when it comes to defending the Christian faith. Strategy concerns the overall big picture of Apologetics. This panoramic vista consists in comprehensive knowledge of every aspect of Christianity. This insight can then be utilized in striking against all the Satanic powers that exalt themselves above the knowledge of God via both offensive and defensive attacks. Continue reading