Top Shelf Books

Putting Amazing Back in Grace by Michael Horton

All of Grace by Charles Spurgeon

The Soul Winner by Charles Spurgeon

Lectures to My Students by Charles Spurgeon

The Holiness of God by RC Sproul

Chosen by God by RC Sproul

Ashamed of the Gospel by John MacArthur

The Gospel According to Jesus by John MacArthur

Hard to Believe by John MacArthur

Foundations of Grace by Steven J. Lawson

Overcoming Sin & Temptation by John Owen

The Death of Death in the Death of Christ by John Owen

The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis

A Pastor’s Sketches by Ichabod Spencer

The Works of Jonathan Edwards

The Epistle to the Romans by Douglas Moo

Martin Luther: A Guided Tour of His Life and Thought By Stephen J. Nichols

The Reformation: How a Monk and a Mallet Changed the World by Stephen J. Nichols

The Sovereignty of God by AW Pink

The Bondage of the Will by Martin Luther

Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem

The Crook in the Lot by Thomas Boston

The Truth War by John MacArthur

The Message of Mark by Donald English

The Cross He Bore by Frederick S. Leahy

Redemption Accomplished & Applied by John Murray

Finally Alive by John Piper

Living for God’s Glory: An Introduction to Calvinism by Joel Beeke

The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination by Loraine Boettner

According to Plan: The Unfolding Revelation of God in the Bible by Graeme Goldsworthy

The Marrow of Modern Divinity by Edward Fisher

God of Promise: An Introduction to Covenant Theology by Michael Horton

Biblical Theology: Old & New Testaments by Geerhardus Vos

The Truth of the Cross by RC Sproul

A New Systematic Theology of the Christian Faith by Robert L. Reymond

Saved by Grace by Anthony Hoekema

Middle Shelf Books

Christ-Centered Preaching by Bryan Chapell

Above All Earthly Powers by David Wells

Mere Christianity by CS Lewis

The Cross-Centered Life by CJ Mahaney

Training Hearts Teaching Minds by Star Meade

A Case for Amillennialism by Kim Riddlebarger

The Reformation Study Bible

The MacArthur Topical Bible

The Wycliffe Bible Commentary

The Child’s Story Bible by Catherine F. Vos

The Layman’s Bible Encyclopedia

Evangelical Dictionary of Theology

Bottom Shelf Books

The Dake Annotated Reference Bible

God’s Plan for Man by Finis Jennings Dake

Revelation Expounded by Finis Jennings Dake

Another Time, Another Place, Another Man by Finis Jennings Dake

The Full Life Study Bible

Don’t Know Much About the Bible by Kenneth C. Davis

The Bible Promise Book

Spiritual Authority by Watchman Nee

The Oath by Frank Peretti

Blink by Ted Dekker

A Treasury of Wisdom

Dispensational Truth by Clarence Larkin

Halley’s Bible Handbook

All the Miracles of the Bible by Herbert Lockyer

Growing Strong in the Season of Life by Charles R. Swindoll

Books I Keep Hidden from Public View

The Purpose-Driven Life by Rick Warren

He-Motions by TD Jakes

Revelation Unveiled by Tim Lahaye

2 thoughts on “Library

  1. Hi Thanks good site and helpful info , good book list too! will keep in touch. At the moment sad is too soft a word to say concerningthe developments in the church in UK but many blessings too, we have the word of the Living God, how blessed we are. In Him hannah

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