Back in the Saddle Again

Happy New year everyone!

The holidays are now over. The college bowl season has ended (save one fairly meaningful game), the Christmas lights have come down and the tree has been packed away for another year. Depressing, isn’t it? In one sense, yes, I’m a little bummed out that Christmas has passed. Oh, how I enjoy vicariously living out the beaming joy of my children’s almost unbearable anticipation of gift-exchanging bounty. Especially when video games are involved! Yes, I’m one of those parents who enjoy the children’s presents as much as they do. This year we bought a Nintendo Wii as a family gift, and it has been very well received. It’s quite an impressive little machine with lots of uses, aside from games. I can browse the internet and behold my blog in all its glory on a 32 inch LCD screen! Cool! And I must add, Super Mario Galaxy is the single best video game I have played since the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Just a ton of fun! Christmas is a wonderful time of year.

I work at a university, therefore I get nearly two weeks off. I have spent that time enjoying my children and catching up on my reading. My favorite memory this year is when I read the story of Christ’s birth to my children as we gathered to celebrate Christmas at my mom’s house. Continue reading