A Peculiar Pilgrim Turns Four

This is the anniversary that almost wasn’t.  Earlier this year, some of my loyal readers may recall, I posted a farewell post with the full intention of shutting A Peculiar Pilgrim down for good.  That cast-iron resolve lasted all of three months.  I missed writing, and blogging in particular.  I so enjoy the dialogue I’m able to have with all kinds of people that I just can’t reproduce in the non-binary world.  So, in an act of subtlety I simply deleted that final post and pretended it never existed.  I resumed business as usual and my readers (according to the stats) haven’t missed a beat.  So my blogging career rolls on for at least one more season, God willing.

As tradition dictates I’m offering up my favorite posts from 2010 for your reading pleasure:

The Necessity of Theology – This post sprang from the outline to my opening class on the doctrine of Redemption.  And I endorse every word of it.

I’m Not Good Enough… – Another angle on the inner turmoil that lead to my personal reformation experience five years ago that once and for all freed me from the aberrant doctrines that had ensnared me for over a decade.

The Ugly Truth About Mirrors – A post about the not-so-popular duty of the faithful minister to his congregation.

The Cornerstone Commandment: Can we Keep it? – Can any single person on this earth muster up within his fallen nature an earnest love for the Lord God with all the heart, soul, mind and strength?

A Three Year Pilgrimmage

I can hardly believe it myself but A Peculiar Pilgrim has reached the ripe old age of three.  In blog years that probably makes it eligible for retirement.   Many blogs flame out after a year or two and while it certainly hasn’t been stoked into the roaring fire I’ve intended for it the last couple years, at least my flickering light hasn’t been snuffed out completely.  I only posted about 30 articles in 09.  That’s barely more than 1 post every two weeks.  I hope to improve on that in 2010.

In the flesh and blood realm I will be teaching a class on Redemption starting the first week of January.  I’ve been hard at work preparing the outlines for the course.  I’m thankful to God for this opportunity and I pray it will bless those that God brings into my classroom.  My plan is, if time avails, to post articles based on the outlines I’m preparing for the class.  I’ll likely post the corresponding articles a week  before I teach the lesson.  This will also help in articulating and unifying what I’ve written in my outlines.  I have about 17 lessons prepared (as of right now) so I would expect at least that many articles on the doctrine of redemption over the first quarter of the year.

As has been the tradition the last two anniversaries, I am posting links to my favorite articles of 2009.  In no particular order, they are:

The Justice of God and Are we Saved by Belief or by Actions? – These two articles are responses from the comment section of my post, Will Atheists Go to Hell? by (shockingly!) a couple of atheists.  The interaction was cordial and enlightening: A good read.

Grasping God – An article that explores the difficult to comprehend doctrine of God’s omnipresence and my personal struggle to grasp it.

AW Pink on Erroneous Evangelism – A quote from the esteemed theologian (with some personal thoughts added in) that pinpoints the deficiency of the modern church’s proclamation of the gospel.

Is Christianity a Crutch for the Weak? – An article based on a Sunday School discussion that posed this very question.

Four Views of Salvation Throughout Church History – A helpful chart that shows how Calvinism, Arminianism, Semi-Pelagianism and Pelagianism are contrasted in regard to the roles both God and man play in redemption.