A Peculiar Pilgrim Turns Four

This is the anniversary that almost wasn’t.  Earlier this year, some of my loyal readers may recall, I posted a farewell post with the full intention of shutting A Peculiar Pilgrim down for good.  That cast-iron resolve lasted all of three months.  I missed writing, and blogging in particular.  I so enjoy the dialogue I’m able to have with all kinds of people that I just can’t reproduce in the non-binary world.  So, in an act of subtlety I simply deleted that final post and pretended it never existed.  I resumed business as usual and my readers (according to the stats) haven’t missed a beat.  So my blogging career rolls on for at least one more season, God willing.

As tradition dictates I’m offering up my favorite posts from 2010 for your reading pleasure:

The Necessity of Theology – This post sprang from the outline to my opening class on the doctrine of Redemption.  And I endorse every word of it.

I’m Not Good Enough… – Another angle on the inner turmoil that lead to my personal reformation experience five years ago that once and for all freed me from the aberrant doctrines that had ensnared me for over a decade.

The Ugly Truth About Mirrors – A post about the not-so-popular duty of the faithful minister to his congregation.

The Cornerstone Commandment: Can we Keep it? – Can any single person on this earth muster up within his fallen nature an earnest love for the Lord God with all the heart, soul, mind and strength?

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