Mailbag Musings: For God So Loves the World… Or Does He?


A reader, after digesting the post entitled Is God in Control?, has posed a few questions. Here is the first part:


‘In this blog you mention, “God elected certain men to salvation before the foundation of the world. Christ secured their salvation at the cross, dying for sin.” Some people may ask what John 3:16 means based on what you have said. Why did Jesus say, “For God so loved the world…” if He was only talking to the “elected certain men”? After all, it was “their” salvation He died for, right?’ Continue reading

Mailbag Musings: A Calvinist Explains the Fall

I received an email the other day from a reader with the following question:

How would a Calvinist explain the fall of man to someone who does not understand the story?

First, let me give the straightforward answer to this question.

A Calvinist would explain the fall no differently than any other Christian who believes in the authenticity and authority of scripture.

Most orthodox Christians believe in the literalness of the story. It is not a fable, a myth or an allegory. The story of the fall is all fact, and all truth. Reject a literal interpretation of the fall and the mystery of man’s corrupt state remains unanswered. The story of Christ and his redemption would not make sense unless the story were true. Jesus is called the second Adam. Where Adam caused humanity to fall into sin, Christ redeemed humanity from sin. Continue reading