Sunday Sermon Reflections

I am adding a new category to A Peculiar Pilgrim.  I”m naming it Sunday Sermon Reflections.  I believe the title is self explanatory, but let me give you the motivation for penning my thoughts on the morning message.  It has been my experience that during a normal week someone will ask how church went Sunday morning. I brace myself for the inevitable follow up question, “What did your pastor preach on?” My heart beats a little faster and my mind races to scrap together bits and pieces of my broken memory in order to muster up a vague yet truthful response without sacrificing my reputation as a spiritual Christian.  This is not to say that I don’t pay attention to the message or that the quality of the sermon isn’t adequate or that it somehow does not apply to me.  It’s just – well… I just forget.  I know, I  know.  You may say that if I thought highly of the preacher and his message then I couldn’t possibly forget.  Or, to turn the tables, you may point the blame straight at the pastor, accusing him of doing his job so poorly that no one could remember his message.  In truth, the answer really has a lot to do with over-saturation.

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What To Do With My Solitude

Whoever isolates himself seeks his own desire; he breaks out against all sound judgment. (Pro 18:1)

I am often called a hermit by my family and peers. I shy away from social situations as much as possible. I am most comfortable in quiet settings, often desiring to be alone with my hobbies or my own thoughts.

Three years ago I moved out of the office suite I shared with my co-workers and into a workroom/office isolated from the department – and I just love it. A frequent comment I get from visitors is, “Man this place is quiet! How can you stand it?” My pat answer is simply “Four kids.” They nod in sympathetic understanding and leave me be.

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