State of the Church Address

John MacArthur states hard truth as boldly and earnestly as anybody out there.  He pulls no punches in this article on his Grace to You blog.  I agree with his assessment 100%.  A great read.

Speaking of MacArthur and modern Evangelicalism, he has now published a third edition of his outstanding  hard-hitting exposé on contemporary church-growth methods, Ashamed of the Gospel. Available at Monergism Books.  Highly recommended.

A must read for those struggling with the direction of today's church

The Bible is NOT a Collection of Fortune Cookie Quotes!!!

A recent post on a Little Leaven displays a company that sells fortune cookies filled with bible verses. They claim, ‘These are a great way for children and adults to learn the Bible!’ and ‘Perfect for Bible study groups, camps and retreats.’

While I realize this is just another secular business looking to make a buck, I am convinced there are people out there who will actually think this is a good idea. Now I have no problem with memorizing bible verses, but I think this kind of product marketing stems from the actual way many Christians study the bible. Many pastors and teachers also approach the bible like it was all written in the style of the Book of Proverbs – you know, that book primarily written by king Solomon filled with bite-sized pearls of wisdom. The problem is, the bible consists of 66 books written by over forty different authors. Proverbs is the only book of its kind. We cannot hope to interpret the overwhelming majority of the biblical texts in a ‘Proverbial’ manner – so to speak.

I know of people who wake up in the morning, crack open their bibles, thumb through the pages randomly and then point their finger (while looking the other way) at a verse, and then make that verse their focus for the entire day – without so much as a passing glance at the surrounding text. Continue reading