Is Only Willing Love worth the Price?

I have featured this atrocious video before but it is so theologically bankrupt that it bears another look.  I saw this again recently on You Tube and was disturbed to find many people actually defending it.  Sadly, this song sums up the soteriology of a large segment of Evangelicalism today.  I have listed below the lyrics to  ‘I Give You Freedom’ or ‘The Whippoorwill Song’.  A few observations will follow. Blatant heresy has been bolded for your convenience.

I set the boundaries of the ocean vast,
Carved out the mountains from the distant past,
Molded a man from the miry clay,
Breathed in him life, but he went astray.

I own the cattle on a thousand hills,
I write the music for the whippoorwills,
Control the planets with their rocks and rills,
But give you freedom to use your own will.

And if you want Me to, I’ll make you whole,
I’ll only do it tho’ if you say so.
I’ll never force you, for I love you so,
I give you freedom – Is it “yes” or “no”?

I hold the waters in My mighty hand
Spread out the heavens with a single span,
Make all creation tremble at My voice,
But My own children come to Me by choice.

Even the oxen knows the master’s stall,
And sheep will recognize the shepherd’s call
I could demand your love – I own you twice,
But only willing love is worth the price!


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