The Hope of the World?

Paul Proctor has an outstanding on-point article regarding the sandy foundation upon which the Church Growth Movement (CGM) is built.

Here is an excerpt:

Well, another Leadership Summit has come and gone at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois – a yearly conference led by its senior pastor and Willow Creek Association’s Chairman of the Board, Bill Hybels. They reportedly drew over 6000 attendees this year with some 60,000 watching a live broadcast of the event. They’ve been holding these annual gatherings for 13 years.

In a recent Christian Post article, Hybels once again revealed the humanist nature of the infamous seeker-sensitive church growth movement by posing the question:

“Do we still believe the local church is the hope of the world?”

You see, many Christians might look at that and not realize they’ve been subjected to a dialectic question designed to alter their spiritual priorities and get them onboard an alternative agenda. This is what trained facilitators do under the radar in many churches today.

But I would ask: Is that where your hope lies – in the local church?

Do you believe your church can save the world?

Did it save you?

Read the entire article by clicking on the link below:

Are You a Church Worshipper?

One thought on “The Hope of the World?

  1. While Proctor is right in that it is certainly not the church that saves us, he misses Hybel’s point entirely because he is so jaded in his disdain for Hybels, et al.

    Of course the church is the hope of the world! Jesus died for the church, He empowered the church, He commissioned the church, and He gave no other plan to get His message out than the church! If the church is not the hope for this world, we ought to close ’em down.

    Proctor gives us a red herring, and I bet deep down he knows it. But again, his dislike of Hybels causes him to believe that Hybels can say nothing that is right. Ridiculous!

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