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I feel compelled to spotlight a preacher of God’s word that the world probably knows little about. He doesn’t have a large church congregation, nor has he written any Christian bestsellers. He doesn’t ooze with charm and charisma nor does he have a pleasantly melodious voice. What he does do extremely well is passionately preach Christ and him crucified. He has become quite well known throughout the Reformed and discernment spheres of Christian blogdem, and I want to dedicate this post to the outstanding work of God he is laboring hard for each and everyday. His name is Paul Washer and he is the founder and director of HeartCry Missionary Society. He also serves as an itinerant preacher and speaks at churches all over the country. You can read a brief biography of his life and ministry here.

I first became aware of Paul Washer through a message he preached to a youth gathering a couple of years ago. The sermon blazed like wildfire through the blogosphere and I listened to it from a link at Slice of Laodicea. I couldn’t believe my ears. He broke every rule of seeker sensitivity without blinking an eye. He shattered the myths of easy-believism ‘I said a prayer’ evangelicalism without mercy. He preached the hard message of the gospel; that of dying to self, taking up the cross and following Christ. He didn’t promise the kids health, wealth and prosperity. He spoke from experience the true reality of facing death on a daily basis for the cause of the gospel while working as a missionary in the jungles of Peru. He then rebuked the youth for thinking a radical Christian as someone who wears a Christian t-shirt!

The message left me in awe. I had never heard such bold preaching, but I knew every word he spoke to be true. My chest burned with a kind of heaviness that was not burdensome, or condemning, but yet convicting. I feel like that every time I hear a Paul Washer message. He challenges me in my sanctification and forces me to examine the authenticity of my justification before Almighty God. Paul leaves no stone unturned in his messages. He does not hesitate to rail against modern Christianity and the teachers who promote a false gospel. He does so with great conviction and always accompanied by the word.

I believe Paul Washer to be a modern day prophet. No, not at all like the Kim Clement’s of the world, spouting predictions that more often than not, do not come to pass, nor ever speak of the glory and excellency of Christ. No, Paul Washer speaks as a forth teller of God’s word and does so with great forthrightness and fortitude. He never backs down, never spares his audience the hard truth of Gospel message in all its fullness. He is unafraid to tell a person he is lost and headed for hell. But he is just as quick to tell that same person of the saving grace of God found in Jesus Christ, his Son.

To help you know Paul Washer a little bit better I am providing several video clips as a sample of his excellent Christ-centered messages. I will also provide links to a repository of many more of his messages so that you can listen to them at your leisure.

May God give us an army of men like Paul Washer in these last days, that the lost may hear and obey the unvarnished gospel of God, ushering multitudes into God’s kingdom.

Sit back and be ministered to today!

Shocking Message to a Youth Gathering

The Meaning of the Cross

Not Ashamed of the True Gospel

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  1. What he says is ‘right on’, but it comes out with such anger. I have had students that then become angry and judgmental to anyone else who disagrees. Or if we are willling to share the Gospel with an unsaved person (in sinful lifestyle) & show the love of God, they respond by saying that this is ‘cheap grace’. God is angry at sin, and He judges us and condemns us if w/out Christ. But we must balance this with the whole of God’s Word. Read 1Jn. Yes He hates sin, but He loves us. Cheap Grace?

  2. I think Paul Washer is passionate about Christ and disgusted with the way modern evangelicalism portrays his Lord and Savior – and he has every right to be. An easy-believism gospel sends the multitudes down the broad road of destruction.
    Cheap grace isn’t about telling people of God’s love, rather it is telling people of God’s love and not about the requirements to enter the narrow gate. A turning from sin toward God in faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior teaches us to utterly despair of any hope in ourselves and to solely rely on God’s gracious mercy.

  3. I was very impressed with Paul’s message to the youth conference. It is the message that a lot of believers need to hear. Faith without works is dead. Also there are some people who really respond to that kind of preaching. For those reasons, I posted it on my site.

    While I thought the overall message was very sound and important, the way that message was presented to that particular audience (a youth evangelism conference is probably not a representative sample of American “Christianity”) was questionable.

    Also I am concerned about the notion of a preacher countering a real or perceived theological excess in the church by presenting his message with theological excess which is intended to counter-balance the first excess. Not saying Washer did that, but I have heard some people say things in connection with Washer that suggest they think that might be justified. No matter how good the intentions are, such a strategy will eventually backfire on the church. I don’t believe in my theology and your theology and someone else’s theology; I believe in the Word of God, that we should preach it accurately, completely, comprehensively, and let the chips fall where they may.

  4. Wow. ..hmmm,Me too was very shock about that conference. ..And I understend what Paul Washer says that -“theres no such thing as a carnal Christian”. ..Maybe because the environment of American Christianity is different from Philippines. ..In USA,Christianity is very common but what the Scripture says;”You will know them by their fruits”. ..Well,I thank God on how He uses you in God’s ministry. ..God bless!c”,)mj

  5. 25 indictments against Paul Washer:
    1) willfully limiting the subjectmatter of Scripture
    2) willfully presenting his own fabricated version of true christianity
    3) willfully bringing himself under a cloak of godliness
    4) willfully closing the book of Revelation and the Prophets
    5) willfully painting the graves of the prophets for his own selfish ends
    6) willfully presenting himself since 2002 with remarks that show Billy Graham
    to be his brother, although Graham is high in the world and an archdeceiver
    7) comparison with the whole of Scripture and the true old paths of the Reformation
    show him to be a cloud without water
    8) connection in the Netherlands to all false christianity has to offer, even with those
    who publicly say calvinism is a complete error
    9) presenting himself in 80.000 newspapers in the Netherlands smiling as though
    the sins of the churches and the land are no problem to him
    10) proclaiming a message of revival that has never come, thereby telling lies in Gods Name.
    11) accepting in the core of his message two contradicting systems of doctrine
    12) denying the witness of the Holy Spirit in the Reformation against THE antichrist in Rome
    13) denying the blood of hunderthousands christian brothers and sisters against THE antichrist in Rome
    14) going around the USA and the world to gain one proselyte that he makes a clone of himself
    15) being silent about the developements in the outside world, only preaching for his own parish
    16) laying burdens on small people, while leaving big names in bibleschools, synods, and gospelmusic
    untouched and unmentioned
    17) connecting himself to Kirk Cameron, known throughout the world for the message of a future antichrist
    with Left Behind
    18) himself not being able to go to Wallmart for fear of sinning, yet laying on big burdens on everyone else
    19) printing his own material as though it is manna from heaven, yet is only copying a little text everyone
    knows with some questions
    20) saying he serves the God of heaven, yet he himself is an idolater of the ring on his own finger
    21) his minister is Jeff Nobblit who teaches a future antichrist, that gain is godliness, and remains in the
    SBC although a complete apostate body with a statue for Billy Graham
    22) closing the Kingdom of God for the people by keeping silent about the true contents of the witness of the old paths
    23) denying the true witness of the Waldenses, the reformers, the english puritans, the scottish covenanters
    24) denying the true witness of Augustine against Pelagius, Luther against Rome, the Westminster and Dordt Synods
    25) being a facilitator and manipulator replacing the true religion of the King Jesus Christ with a false one of the new world order

    • It sounds as if you are so very jealous of this man.
      I grew up in Holland, S. Africa and Indonesia and always attended the Christian or Dutch Reformed Church. As a youngster we went to the “Young Calvinists”, studied the Canons of Dort, the Bible and Reformed Catechism. When I was 19, there was a total change in my life, internally. I went before the elders and deacons and made my public profession of faith. What a difference now. Just nod your head. Do Jesus a favor. Sunday morning in America is scandal, totally.
      When I first heard Paul David Washer, especially in Holland with the 3 sermons, I knew that what came out of this man’s mouth was Truth and of God. He told so.
      Satan hates this man and his followers will try to annihilate him. I knew that the moment I watched his videos. Hence you.

  6. There is a fundamental difference I see between the indictments Paul Washer brings and the indictments reformatienl brings.

    First, Paul Washer speaks without hiding his face, his name, his voice or hiding from responsibility for the words he says. The person going by the name “reformatienl” does none of that.

    Second, Paul Washer’s indictments are there to bring conviction and change and to show with integrity where change is needed and why it is needed. His speaking may be hard, but he takes you to the Word of God where you can find salvation in Christ. The person going by “reformatienl” seems to bring harm, contention, and condemnation without sincerity, without courage, without love, without integrity in the spirit of Satan, the accuser of the brethren.

    Here we are seeing the differences between godly rebuke and satanic condemnation in full display. One is displayed in love. The other isn’t. one runs to the light while the other seeks to hide in darkness. One displays loving courage of Jesus Christ and the fruit of the Spirit. The other displays none of that. One is displayed in humility accepting responsibility, and one is a display of arrogance, subjecting others to his or her judgment and a total hiding from responsibility.

    My disagreement with “reformatienl” is not in that he or she criticizes or brings indictments to people I respect. I would expect to receive the same kind of criticism as well, and if it is true and leads to positive change, then I would think Kirk, Paul, and many others including myself would consider the criticism something to be treasured.

    I don’t want to go on and give too much attention to this foundationless, worthless criticism other than to bring to attention the nature of the devil’s form of judging and criticising and how it differs from tough, loving, godly, rebuke that is needed more than a parched land needs water after a fifty year drought. I have to agree with Paul and Kirk that most of American Christianity has not even begun to know what it means to be a follower of Christ, and most of what is thrown out there as salvation is nothing but a lie from the pit of hell. It’s based on rattling off the words of a prayer and has nothing to do with surrender and God’s saving grace.

    Having said all this, assuming we have our own salvation fully settled, how can we avoid feeling absolutely compelled to the utmost to see others saved? Loved ones? Or more than that, Christ’s loved ones? Are we prepared to let others fry in hell without a warning after Jesus paid the utmost price for their salvation? If so, then how is it possible to come to the conclusion we ourselves are saved? From what? From lack of love? From apathy? From love for sin? From cowardice? If we would let our own loved ones go to hell without a prayer, without agonizing prayer, without one tear shed, then what can be said of our love for them or for Jesus Christ?

    I would ask “reformatienl” do you have loved ones or friends who have never heard the Gospel or have never been prayed for by you? If so, why? What does this say about you? What does this tell about the sincerity or depth of your love? Will you let them burn forever without a prayer? Is that your kind of love? Will you?

    I would pray and beg you to surrender your efforts to criticize and bring down men who are serving God faithfully and instead invest your energy into getting your own heart right with God lest you fall into hell as an unloving, abusive liar and coward. And before you take offense at this criticism and become defensive, I would beg and plead for you to take inventory of the salvation and spiritual condition of your loved ones because you cannot lead them to Christ yourself unless you are also saved.

  7. I, too, first heard of Paul Washer when I came across the now-famous “shocking message” video. I suppose it is shocking to the millions who have bought into what beaconlight correctly describes as easy-believism. To me, though, what was shocking was how strongly that message spoke to my heart. I don’t know what qualifies one to be a modern-day prophet, but I do believe God put Paul Washer here at a time when we really need to hear the message he preaches.

    The post by reformatienl isn’t the first Washer-bashing I’ve seen (although his/hers is more imaginitive than most). There are those who think Paul Washer is just an angry preacher with a self-righteous axe to grind, but anyone who truly listens to the man will quickly realize he is simply passionate about the gospel. I think the opening remark in Daniel J.’s excellent reply above is right on the mark….Paul Washer doesn’t hide. He’s the first to admit he’s a sinner, and he’s willing to let you see his warts. He boldly proclaims God’s word without apology, and yet I sense an immense underlying kindness in him. One thing I’m pretty certain about….public opinion isn’t going to deter him for one second from preaching the true gospel.

  8. Paul Washer has been given the gift of preaching. This gift is from God, and what Paul Washer is preaching is from God, Should it, then, be a shock that there are people who want to tear down Paul Washer. Remember…”if the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you.” Like it’s preached, the true gospel is offensive to a sinful world; but to the regenerate, the true gospel is life-giving.

  9. I think Paul Washer is truly a man of God. In this day and age when all people want to do is to seek to please other people and say things that will please other people. It takes a lot of Godliness to take this stand and I admire him for it. This world is full of wishy washy christians who go to youth groups and church just to have fun. Especially youth group, I wish youth group leaders would be more bothered about quality than quantity, same of all the churches. These youth are the ones who will go out into the world and possibly lead a church one day!! Imagine what a lousy foundation they have. My heart aches to think that there are qualifications for high positions in secular jobs but none whatsoever for the Lord’s church!

  10. Paul is who he is by the grace of God, and my hope in coming to his defence was not as much to defend his honor as it was to defend the principles Paul lives by and speaks by and to say that it would be my desire not to preach exactly as Paul does because God is creative enough not to need to create two of any given man, but rather that I would be challenged not to put Paul on a pedestal so I can sit back and watch and approve and defend him, but so that I will be challenged to live the life of a real Christian and to challenge myself and others to multiply after our own kind but only after we become true followers of Jesus Christ so that what multiplies is that which should multiply.

    How is that for a long sentence?

    Am I speaking of five lines of words, or am I speaking of a sentence of surrender to a most loving King for a blessed eternity with Him, or a sentence of an eternity in hell after living a life of self-deceit?

    Either way, it is a very long sentence, isn’t it?

  11. I am very much concerned about an individual who claims to be a prophet. The test of a prophet has traditionally been that those things that he affirms are without error as God himself keeps him from error. However, having visited his website where he affirms the following “wherein the Holy Spirit makes a person aware of the manifold evil of his sin”. I know of atheists who know the evil of sin. They know the evil of murder, genocide and some even know the evil of abortion. I seriously doubt that it is the Holy Spirit that informs them of these truths. However, the combination of moral intuition and conscience clearly does. Cristian who has the Holy Spirit indwelling in him is no better equipped to know the manifold evil of sin than an atheist and certainly no worse. What concerns me is that Paul is not accurately describing the mission of the Holy Spirit…that of bearing witness to Christ and HIs finished work on the cross. That is the mission entrusted to the Holy Spirit and not pointing out sins of unbelievers to unbelievers who do not possess the Holy Spirit to guide them to start with. Therefore, from what I have seen, I must conclude that this is an error regarding the nature of the duties of the Holy Spirit within the Godhead and in relations to mankind. Since God keeps his prophets from error and Paul seems to have made one here…I am convinced that Paul fails the test of a prophet.

  12. Charlie you are right…. people do confuse paul’s passion with anger. The fact is american christianity has become so polluted . 1In the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who will judge the living and the dead, and in view of his appearing and his kingdom, I give you this charge: 2Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction. 3For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 4They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths. 5But you, keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry. The fact is Paul preaches the truth and I’ve seen very few that bring it with the passion paul does. I’m so greatful for a man of god like this that speaks the truth with such boldness and with no apology ….. he inspires me. And I pray god continues to raise such men of faith. I pray that I may be one of them.

  13. I also came across Paul Washer in YouTube on a short video where he was speaking about the seeker friendly church. I have been part of that type of church for about 10 year and was the sound and video engineer. The whole service was for the “unchurched” and is “seeker friendly”. There is a large stage with an unbelievable band. The only problem was that the band was louder then the people and they wrote a lot of their own music. The message was totally topical with clips from R rated movies and many other props to enhance his message. He usually had a invitation to “accept Christ” as your personal Savior. Just nod your head or put your hand up. Many of those folks knew nothing about Christianity and sins were hardly mentioned. Nothing about repentance. Not even that “sinner’s prayer”, that Paul Washer speaks about so often. The service was nothing more then entertainment in a theater called “church”. The pastor took care of everything, including all the money, a lot of it. No elders, no deacons, nothing. The church grew rapidly, but many that came in soon left out the back. When the pastor bought a lighting computer, that was it for me. No more! Then comes Paul Washer, and he verbalized everything that I had been feeling for so long. All the time that I served in that Church here on Cape Cod, I never grew in my Christian walk. Since watching many videos of Paul, I have grown so very much with my relationship with God, Hallelujah! I am 63 years old and have been all over the world and have heard so many preachers. Never have I heard anything such as what comes out of Paul’s mouth. The minute I heard him, I knew absolutely that this was Truth and nothing but Truth. I am from Holland, so it was so neat to watch Paul preach in Holland with a Dutch interpreter. That gentleman above who was yelled at by Paul is a Mary worshiper and probably needed it. It does not matter if he uses parts of his sermon over and over again. Martin Luther did the same.
    I pray for God to keep this unbelievable servant of God safe. Satan and his followers hate this man and what comes out of his mouth. The United States of Entertainment needs a reformation–and soon. Please pray for revival, please!!


  14. Rene, you couldn’t have said it better. This world needs christians who desire to follow Jesus not a religion. To make a difference in the lives of non christians, not evangelists who think they have to have numbers in their churches and will go to any lengths to do it! Most leaders of churches are only bothered about adding to their bank balance and living comfortable lives while leading so many to hell.

  15. I recently heard Paul Washer’s message before 5,000 youth. I saw no anger, only compassion and passion. I heard the cry of his heart for the lost, especially those who have been conned into believing they are saved with no turning. After hearing his message, I was not only personally convicted but I wept for the church of America of which I am part.

  16. If God calls me to go full time into the ministry as a pastor or evangelist or revivalist I believe God would have me tell the people never to give until they have settled the issue of their salvation, never to give while they regard any iniquity in their hearts or while they have sin they know they have not repented of, and while they have ought against a brother or sister. In that condition, their sacrifices would be an abomination and an insult to God and would endanger their souls by making them feel as though God owes them something. I would want their giving to be a declaration before God and man that they have settled these issues first. And yet we still need to give from a heart of sincere love and faithfulness and surrender to God — from a heart that is truly repentant. And that is the key: repentance.

    Whatever I do, I would want the church to be something the Lord builds and not something built with the fear of man or that some faithful word would upset a millionaire and turn the finances of the church upside down.

    But, above all, I would want the church built by the Lord on the Word of God.

  17. Paul Washer is Biblically a sound preacher except in the area of typical Calvinist beliefs like Limited Atonement. His message to atheists in Holland was given in the spirit of the Apostle Paul. I wish Paul Washer would accept the unlimited, eternal value of Christ’s work on the Cross. The doctrine of Limited Atonement runs counter to John 3:16. God so loved the world. God makes a genuine offer of salvation to every human being He has created. There are no eternal decrees of condemnation for any human being. The offer was valid for Hitler, for Sadam Hussein and is valid even for Osama Bin Laden.

  18. Rene,

    Berepa lama di Indonesia? (terima kasih untuk sharing!)

    I had to grab the opportunity to say something in Indonesian when I read that you lived there for some time.

    I appreciate what Paul Washer is doing. It is what a minister of God has to do — speak the truth and lay it out there to be accepted or rejected at will. You mentioned the clippings from R rated movies shown in church. My wife and I went to a church in the bay area a few weeks ago where the pastor talked about prosperity and how he has his eye on an Aston Martin. They called everyone forward to have hands laid on them in prayer, and as my wife and I were leaving, we saw a friend from another church we attended pull us back down front, and I almost refused and walked out, but I decided to go back in just to observe what was happening there and to be honest, I was not at all pleased. It was something I had seen over and over again, and I experienced something similar in two churches just prior to the pastors of both of those churches falling into an affair and breaking up their marriages to go for another woman.

    The problem is how can one minister, and how can one teach others to trust in Christ and obey Christ if they’re out there living lives of cowardice, lying, adultery, greed, pride, and such? How can someone lead others to Christ if they’re going to hell themselves? Now, that may sound presumptuous and judgmental, but it is one thing to warn of the dangers of hell and another thing to want to send them there. As Paul said, one evidence that we have received Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior is that we are still living in repentance, not that we’re taking it lightly as though our sins were nothing so we could just continue sinning as long as we keep saying “Sorry”, but rather when we see the condition of our hearts exposed to us by the Holy Spirit and by God’s Word, when He searches our hearts and answers our prayer by showing us if there be any wicked way in us, we have to let it go, repent of it, seek forgiveness, and continue to seek God. We need to realize that without God’s grace we would perish and rightly so.

    But, the passion of our heart cannot be for the things of this world, but must be for Christ.

  19. I so agree with Daniel Dick’s assessment. I have not witnessed the blatant behavior about which he is talking, but the church I was attending is repeating “warm, fuzzy” Christian tactics already used by many to supposedly draw others to Christ. It’s really just a numbers builder. They obviously don’t know the practice of the Nicolaitans from Revelation (a theology that Jesus hated). Nicolaitans were all inclusive, went as far as they could in a worldly direction “to win the world for Christ.” That was their teaching. While they still talked about Jesus, they became mixed up with idol worship and lowered their moral standard. That seems to fit many of today’s churches. The only cure for the blindness of the churches of today is flat out revival. That will only come as we fast and pray toward this end.

  20. “Yea,and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.”
    Paul speaks of this in several scriptures, showing this to be a true sign of Conversion. Therefore, I have hopes that Mr.Washers ministry will continue to be spoken against by the carnal.

  21. Paul is not preaching a works righteousness and he is not likely self-righteous. The opposite of faith is not the absensce of good works. The one who trusts in their works for salvation is guilty of being self-righteous. Paul understands the importance of repentance. Most today know little of repentance, but this need not be this way. A great book on repentance is: “Repentance, the First Word of the Gospel by Richard Own Roberts. Christ’s continued blessings.

  22. Hi all just a word on this and abit about me and how I found salvation.I would like to share as 2 yrs on from hearing Jesus call to me I can now say I am saved biblicaly.

    I must state first I noticed something about the believers I work with as thy tried to convert me as it where always quoting scripture like water of there tounge and always from the new testament.

    After much time 4 yrs study and from the 4th year 2 yrs on then and only then did I know Christ had done a work in me. Maybe slow to some but God done his work at a pace that I could walk at.

    Please also understand I can feel and see and read the intelegance of what you guys have said in your messages . Me I am not intelegent in anyway I would class my self as below average in education so please bare with me for my words are not great but I hope enough to get across what I mean to you all.

    I prayed one night and asked God Jesus a simple prayer I ask you I need to get of on the right foot. would you please give me at least one verse in your bible to get the ball rolling as it where. And I woke up with this . . acts chp 17 v 11 and after reading it I know Jesus explained it to me.

    And so I began to use it as a rule of thumb for everything I would hear listen too etc. And with those guys at work well I just kept listening and praying daily at random points on matters I was hearing.

    I decided to just tell those guys at work please stop bothering me for if He is who He is and means what he says then

    I then said to guys at work as I gathered them around look .. all well and good you telling me all this but sorry to say I have a problem with you all and not in anger but in calm voice I have heard you all now for 4 yrs oing on almost everyday and have gone to great lengths to study this matter out but can you tell me where this prayer comes from in scripture you tell me to pray cause in 4 yrs I have read through teh Bible 3 times cover to cover and have found things not to add up on what you lot have said.

    If Jesus is who you say He is please give me the gospel in the way that the apostles did please. I have all the time you need 4 hrs 6 hrs you need it you got it so please start.

    I listened to them all for 8 hrs and believe me it was great i was so emotional at it all but one thing then had not do was give me it how I asked I said . Thy replied we all did do as you asked … i said know sorry but you have not.

    I said do you have around 2 hrs for me now to talk I have sat here said nothing though I agree with what you have said in 90% of matters but still give me the grace I gave you please.

    You see I had prayed every time I went to read scripture every time I went to write a note everytime I found a puzzel I didnt understand and well you get the Idea.

    I done what I had read to do ask in Jesus name anything of the Father and He will give it too you . By this point I understood enough that to ask was to only ask for things which was to praise the Father and not earthly things to warm the hearts of man.

    So I simply said I dont have the church going background you lot have had but I have the best helper to any person or book you have said about I have the Holy Spirit telling me the words the text the very reading came to life as it where as I was reading so much so that 8 hrs reading felt like 8 minutes in time. So much so that the amount of times dinner was skipped because I needed to get into the word more than food for my body.

    I still aint great at retaining alot of stuff but I hold enough that I can look up my notes for the rest when needed.

    Anyway I then said you didnt listen to what it was exactly I asked you to do. You thought you did but you didnt you simply heard what you wanted to hear.

    They became anoyed I said look please before I start I will say it again . . Please tell me the Gospel the way that the aspostles gave it. they said we did . . . I said no you didnt guys . Look lets pray I will pray and just sit back and I will give you what I have been led to find in scripture.

    we prayed . . . just a quick one cause I could feel the fire burn inside me just wanting to get out.

    So I gave them what had takin 4 yrs of slow study to me to compile I gave them every aspect of Christ from the creation to the cross from only the old testament and no where else . Yes I know to you guys a thing as that would likly be not 4 yrs but may be a month or so but as I say I aint the smartist guy in the world but I am no longer the fool for I know Him I understand who He is back then I understand who He is when He walked the Earth in flesh and I understand who He is when He caomes back again.

    I dont have nothing fancey just my bible and pens and paper and time given in grace to me to turn my heart from stone to flesh.

    I then just 6months ago spend the day again with them in prayer and me takingthem through scripture showed them there little prayer was no where to be found but I found Christ was speaking to me calling me to do his work and not me after all looking for something I thought was missing in my life.

    just to sum it all up and I am not sorry for what I now write but say please I have noticed enough that just the simply praying reading noting down and not getting lost in the depth of the word as some do pulling it to pieces in hebrew and greek just went buy what a word says and means and when a word to me meant something else I led me to buy a bible dictionary cause I am not foolish to think what a word meant then in english has not changed in some way to how its used today.

    1 holman extra large print AV KJV bible .. why because its the only one I can find thats never changed other than old tounge words which I now with dictionary mean the same thing.

    Also I wanted a Bible with no passage linksor notes by some man put in there just plain text and one to help me read it as the strange words are broken up to make the easier to say.

    2. a AV KJV bible dictionary

    pens lots and paper lots.

    this is what I believe from this endevour and I enjoyed and wept and sobbed smiled paused re read thought about for hours .My emotions where like a child as I read it cover to cover and each time it just got better and better.

    so Here is what I believe and have total faith on what will deliever me on that final day when I stand before my King. For its faith alone in him that has set me free.

    man dont seek God ever God calls man

    The 10 commandments didnt help me at all just left me lost with no end in sight

    commandments made me see sin wasnt just sinning but in how I was I was a transgressor going aboe and beyound the call of duty as it where to offend God by my actions as a person

    the commandments led me to ask Christ into my life so much so I will never I cant ever let Him go for He is either the saviour of everyone or the saviour of no one and to me He is all I have to cling to.

    I then found Jesus in my complete and broken state when I asked Him to please give me grace

    I understood that no works of anything ever I was to do could ever ever add to the already perfectly completed work Jesus had already done for me.

    I felt now still broken hearted for what and how i had been living and found that how can I show to Jesus that I am sorry and mean to try in all that I can to walk how He wants me to be.

    I now try but fail many times a day to uphold and walk after the commandments but I fell low again because I was failing Him but I knew he was still there for my sins faolures call it what you will haunted me every moment.

    But as I read I at least tried to understand that when He dided for me He already new me before creation He says . So i knew from that alone that well I get upset that I failed but Jesus aint suprised I did for He already knew I would He died for even those sins that I aint done yet and in the knowledge of that it helps me get to grips with . He is able to keep me from falling

    I try to keep the 10 commanments out of just pure love as best as I can do with pray that the next time I fail that he would make me stronger to do what hemeant me to do.

    For if anything at all was up to me a man born in sin from the womb I would fail everytime but there are times he helps me by when I fail giving me such a telling of and i know its love tough love to make me stronger for when i am in His grace He is like my best friend just there beside me for in those times I feel like nothing could ever make me fail again. though I do understand that at least.

    And so the arguments about that I now hear about rapture etc. Simply this is how I look at it all.

    If He wants me to understand it he wil explain it but from what I can gather when it comes I aint sure but wha I know is does it really matter that much?

    I mean we are to be forever watching for his return living for him in everything we do so if at what point He comes I just pray that when it happins I wont be caught out not watching just as a thief would come in the night. It will be the unbelievers that get caught out for believers wont they will see him come.

    Amen people and see you all I pray when that day comes and we all get to go home .but for now seek and save those which are lost point them to Christ for its that which is the work of the spirit.

    even so lord come lord oh please come . AMen Amen

  23. Hi,
    This Paul Washer business is absolutely amazing! I can’t believe I’m so many years late in hearing his message!
    First off I believe Paul Washer is one of the best things that ever happened to Big-Church Christianity. He doesn’t call a spade a big spoon – he says it as it is! I like his point that Americans have become to thin-skinned, actually! the whole world is acquiring thin skin. Jesus himself in Matt 23:33 said: “Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye esacape the damnation of hell!?” One writer said the Jesus said these angry-sounding words with tears in his voice; I have heard few speakers/preachers do the same and recognize the same in Pul Washer – “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh” Matt 12:34.
    If you were Satan in America what would you do? Here is a country where almost everyone goes to church; almost everyone loves God… What would you do?? Simple. Stop fighting the church but rather join it and destroy it from within. How would you go about that for maximum effect? Make the members grumble and argumentatie? No. That works but not to maximum effectiveness. Attack the preachers’ families with spiritual warfare? No. Remember, maximum effectiveness is the aim. Satan already did it many years ago and many of our churches still bear the marks he left. Read the article in this link to understand
    Meanwhile, may God continue to draw you to His truth.
    Oh! I alsmost forgot, “Once saved, always saved” is not a quotation from the Bible. If you are baptized today and willfully kill someone tomorrow, then die on the day after, most likely you will not be going to Heaven (unless God, in His infinite and amazing grace, takes you through conviction by His Holy Spirit, Repentance on your part i.e. confessing your sin and praying for God to keep you from sinning in future, and finally being justified by the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross). Nobody will be going to Heaven without confessing their sin(s) not to fellow men but to God, changing their lives, and trusting their future in God’s hands.
    Lastly, the thing that puzzles me is why Paul Washer did not quote all the verses that support his point!The scriptures are fully and whole-heartedly behind the message he preached to those youth: Jesus said: “If you love me, keep my commandments”. Yes, Jesus loves us, but do we love Him?! If we love Him we need to keep His commandments (also repeated in John 15:14). How can we keep His commandments? Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me”. And John 15:5 Jesus further said: “I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.”And what if we are not willing? “For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure” Philippians 2:13 .What can we do to make this happen? “Behold I stand at the door, and knock; if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.” The Holy Spirit is constantly speaking to our consciences to lead us to conviction, repentace, and purification through Jesus blood. What does God require from us? “Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it.
    Psa 34:15 The eyes of the LORD are upon the righteous, and his ears are open unto their cry.
    Psa 34:16 The face of the LORD is against them that do evil, to cut off the remembrance of them from the earth.
    Psa 34:17 The righteous cry, and the LORD heareth, and delivereth them out of all their troubles.
    Psa 34:18 The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit.” Psalm 34:14-18

    May God help us all in our pursuit of His truth, protect us from false “truth”, and give us grace when we share it.

    May God bless you all.

    P.S. Pliz pray for Paul Washer and all other preachers who are trying to preach God’s solid, unvarnished, unadulterated truth to a dying world. Amen


  24. That entire first sermon by Paul Washer is based on shallow characterizations of a crowd of people he only claims to have watched from a distance. Paul always does this…he judges people. I think that is why he seemingly cannot smile.

    If he were to engage in the lives of those he is preaching to more often, I think he would understand that not everyone who dresses provocatively is a disgusting sinner…many girls who do this (especially those new to the faith) may very well not know that their dress is not honoring to God. He would also understand that cursing and coarse joking is not always a sign of an unrepentant sinner…it is a habit that must be overcome with time and persistence. He would also understand that threatening hell to the non-believer is not the best way to convince those prone to anxiety and depression of the truth of the gospel. That last point is something I have had profound experience with.

    Paul needs to smile and understand that he is preaching to hurting people who will learn far more about the heart of Jesus Christ from acts of love and patience…not fire-and-brimstone preaching that threatens confused young teenagers with the suffering of hell.

    I am sure Paul has the best of motives. But he really needs to spend some time in other people’s shoes…people are suffering, and often do not need to be threatened with hell, no matter how true it is.

    • LISTEN my dear friend if ones heart has been transformed and regenerated how can that person still be attracted to the worldly things.remember again that the days are gone we need to tell people the truth as it is.if you are a saint why are you attracted to the things of prostitutes

  25. WOW, thanks moadeabe for the wonderful comment. I think it was more amazing than some of the sermons I hear. I really enjoyed what you said here

    “I understood that no works of anything ever I was to do could ever ever add to the already perfectly completed work Jesus had already done for me.

    I felt now still broken hearted for what and how i had been living and found that how can I show to Jesus that I am sorry and mean to try in all that I can to walk how He wants me to be.

    I now try but fail many times a day to uphold and walk after the commandments but I fell low again because I was failing Him but I knew he was still there for my sins faolures call it what you will haunted me every moment.

    But as I read I at least tried to understand that when He dided for me He already new me before creation He says . So i knew from that alone that well I get upset that I failed but Jesus aint suprised I did for He already knew I would He died for even those sins that I aint done yet and in the knowledge of that it helps me get to grips with .”

    That was a wonderful testimony to HIM! He’s perfected you forever, and we await the redemption of our bodies, the putting on of incorruptibility and immortality, Rom 8 and 1 Cor 15, until then we can praise HIM for HIS Glorious work on our behalf. He truly did know you before the foundation of the world and is not surprised by your shortcomings. In HIM you don’t have any shortcomings left. God bless you “moadeabe”, you inspired me to look, and to focus on HIM, to walk by faith instead of sight, to look at the unseen instead of the seen. Oh how wonderful the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world is, Give HIM a praise for me moadeabe, He is Life and Peace. Blessings…..

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