Another New Look

Ok, I promise this is the last theme I will play around with – for now.

I’ll let my readers be the final judge on this. Which theme should I keep?

A.) Original theme with Bunyan pic and contrasting black, white and red.

B.) The clean and elegant (but Bunyan-less) blue-gray theme I have used for the past three days

C.) The current theme

Vote now in the comment section.

16 thoughts on “Another New Look

  1. I hear a resounding call throughout the Galactic Senate… “Vote now! Vote now!”

    A) Original theme – Don’t go back.

    B) Previous theme – Very nice, clean, didn’t have 700 million category links at the bottom of every page like this one. It was pleasing.

    C) Current Theme – Looks fantastic with your picture. I’m not fancy on the plethra of category links on every page. On a monitor resolution of 1280X1024, the links can fill the entire screen. On the other hand, it looks really nice from the article up.

    My honest vote………. B

    If you must have the picture… Go with C

  2. Do we have a split vote here or has SMOK changed his tune?
    Shucks… I had grown very attached to B… but at the same time I really like the Pilgrim’s Progress picture – it’s part of my identity.
    I’m a man of my word! My readers will have the final say!

    PS. Somebody please vote B… pretty please!
    So, in the spirit of the Star Wars thing we got going here let me just say this:
    Help me Billy Edwards, you’re my only hope!

  3. OK…… I’m not going to be a split vote. Brandon… You know what you must do. You must get your picture small enough for a widget. Then, embed that image into the widget. We talked about this. On that note……

    I couldn’t quite make up my mind, but now I have. Choose B. That’s my final answer.

    To restate my original comment… B is elegant.

    The links at the bottom of every page on this theme still bug me.

  4. I like A. Seems as if B is the right answer B.) The clean and elegant (but Bunyan-less) blue-gray theme I have used for the past three days.

    I am afraid to choose A because in doing so, I
    would not be consider clean and elegant.

    In Christ,

  5. I just want to say that as owner and operator of this fine establishment, I reserve the right to change my mind about what theme I use here.
    Yep, that’s right, I am exercising my dictatorial powers and going against popular opinion. Honestly, my last theme was BORING! I’ve gotta have my pilgrim pic featured prominently.
    And if you don’t like my choice – well you can just –
    Wait! I’m sure in my fickleness I will change again when a hot new theme arrives. I’m all about the latest style and fashion -ya know.

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