Evolution – The Greatest Lie Ever Told?

I’m looking at you, Charles Darwin. Or, more accurately, I’m looking at those ‘rational’ minds that have taken Darwin’s theory and ran with it unimpeded, right over the biblical account of the origin of all things. The scientific community push the ‘fact’ of slowly evolving life forms over eons of time with nary a nagging doubt – at least publicly. In light of their unshakeable rock foundation, evolution then clearly disproves the myth of an omnipotent creator forming life by merely speaking into a dark void. Conversely, Scripture plainly records that God did create the universe and all it contains. It also makes a point to repeatedly claim that all God’s creatures reproduce after their own kind. We have two diametrically opposed doctrines from two entirely different sources. One must be true and the other a lie. They cannot both be true, despite claims by some to the contrary.

The issue boils down to the doctrine of man’s creation in God’s image. Did God purposely mold man in his image, breathe into him the breath of life, distinguish him from every other life form, or was man made in the image of monkeys with a few genetic tweaks engineered by mere chance in the process of natural selection? These are not minor differences. The gulf between these two views cannot be bridged. Any Christian who wavers on this issue needs to consider the consequences of compromise. A view in which God uses evolution to accomplish his ends is fraught with peril. Of primary concern is that the creation account must be allegorized to fit this paradigm. Admittedly, God does use allegory in the bible to relate truth, but if he allegorized the first portion of the book of Genesis then why not the entire book? Where do we draw the line between fiction and historical account? Based on what authority?  Did Adam and Eve  not literally fall from God’s grace? Did the story of Abraham and the patriarchs not really happen?  Is there no real covenant, no true people of God?  Is there no original sin, no need of redemption? Don’t you see how the dominoes begin to fall with this compromised worldview?

No, we must be blunt in our assertion that the theory of evolution is one of the greatest lies ever perpetrated upon mankind. Its author is the father of lies, for he has lied from the beginning… and about the beginning! The same fork tongued serpent who asked Eve “hath God truly said…” is now asking, “hath God truly made..”. But the lies cut even deeper than that. The serpent seethes, “Is God truly the ‘I Am’? The logical conclusion to evolutionary theory is that God is not the I Am because he never truly was.

Recently, the highly regarded scientific mind of Stephen Hawkins has concluded that God is not necessary to explain the existence of the universe or for the creation of and preservation of life as we know it. Did you hear that? God. is. not. necessary. Let that sink in for a moment. What arrogance. What rebellion. Which is worse, a mankind that thumbs its nose at the creator or a mankind that turns its back completely to God and denies he’s even there. I know on a personal basis that nothing burns my toast more than being ignored, or marginalized as unimportant or irrelevant. I’d rather someone confront and insult me than pretend that I don’t matter. While God is not a man and is altogether different than I, I’d imagine that this form of rebellion must kindle his righteous anger as well.

I’m reminded of a passage from Paul’s 2nd letter to the Thessalonians that states, “The coming of the lawless one is by the activity of Satan with all power and false signs and wonders, and with all wicked deception for those who are perishing, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false, in order that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. (2 Thessalonians 2:9-12 ESV)

Now, this falls into the realm of speculation but consider: The coming of the ultimate God hating rebel will be orchestrated by Satan accompanied with deceptive power. Those who refuse to love the truth shall die wrapped up in these lies. When Paul writes “Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false,” I’m convinced, according to the immediate context, that this refers to the Antichrist, or the lawless one. However, I can’t help but believe that the presupposition the mass of humanity will cling to that causes them to buy into the strong delusion, is the idea of naturalism. It is the belief that all phenomena can be explained by natural laws, therefore all spiritual or supernatural explanations are irrelevant. Naturalism is the basis for the theory of evolution. People will follow the Antichrist into perdition simply because he is a clearly observable phenomena that can be explained by natural laws. Maybe people will consider him to be the apex of human evolution, the fittest of all humans to rule and reign over them. Therefore, since he will appear as humanity’s best solution for what ails the world, human reason will find little reason to resist his will. Without a consideration to any sort of higher power that can discern the moral rightness or wrongness of the Antichrist’s designs, few will reject his ways. The pied piper of evolutionary thought is leading the masses to a hellish end.

Evolution has no place for God, and even though it seems to many to be the only natural explanation for the existence of creation,  in reality it is the most unnatural, against the grain solution possible. God fills the cosmos with his being. To take him out of the equation is an impossibility, for He upholds all creation by the word of His power.

No God, no creation. Period.

The plainly observable fact of creation that all our senses touch is more than enough evidence to convince us that God does exist. On the Day of Judgment we will have to give account of our lives based on this obvious truth. Man is without excuse, no matter how many fine-sounding ‘rational’ excuses he can muster up in his vain imaginations.


3 thoughts on “Evolution – The Greatest Lie Ever Told?

    • Maybe the “theory” of evolution would be more convincing to a five year old, as they tend to be more gullible than most adults. However, I’m unaware of this proof that you speak of. The fossil record certainly doesn’t offer any proof of evolution. No fish with legs, no reptiles with feathers, no feet becoming wings. Evolutionists claim that all life on Earth today evolved from single cell organisms, and yet they can’t provide any proof of any these transitional species to support this claim. Evolutionists trade proof for assumption, and then parade it around as an iron clad unquestionable doctrine. And let me ask you this, what is the evolutionists’ explanation for sexual reproduction? I honestly don’t know because I’ve never cared to research it, but I’m sure they have another wonderful, fantastical scenario for that one. An explanation that explains how every species that reproduces sexually simultaneously evolved a male and female of the same species at the exact same time through random coincidence and natural selection, that sound plausible, right? I could go on all day pointing out all of the holes in the so called “theory” of evolution, but I’ve already spent more time on this than I intended. So, Anonymous, I’m not sure why it’s so unbelievable to you that the author would be taking this stand, or what this proof is that you speak of. Are you seriously going to be force fed a rather fantastical, unbelievable lie without a rational question as to its validity? In my eyes, that would be rather odd stand to take.

      • Nick: Straw person much?
        Your “counter-argument” demonstrates that you do not know the actual concept of evolution by natural selection; only a cartoon version that is easy for you to pretend in which to poke holes.
        You really ought to consider addressing the actual concept you are pleased to call a lie…and, until you understand why you have erred so fundamentally, you ought to at least call that with which you disagree an “error’…and demonstrated the precise errors of which you speak.

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