Post of The Week: Are Arminianism and Open Theism Related?

World From Our Window has an interesting article examining the relationship between Arminian ‘free-will’ theology and the latest and greatest heresy sweeping the landscape – Open Theism. The author poses the question whether Arminian theology, if consistently applied, naturally leads to a belief in Open Theism.

Here’s an excerpt:

Over the past several months I have heard a couple of Calvinists make statements along the lines that “consistent Arminianism leads to Open Theism.” This is not to say that all Arminians are Open Theists (a heresy that the vast majority of Arminians repudiate), but that if Arminians were consistent they would be Open Theists. Therefore the only thing that keeps an Arminian from being an Open Theist is inconsistency.

Read the entire article here.

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