True Discernment

chs.jpg“Discernment is not a matter of simply telling the difference between right and wrong; rather, it is telling the difference between right and almost right.” – Charles Spurgeon

I don’t know if there is a greater need in the Body today than the gift of discernment. The number of teachers and preachers in the modern church who sound good and seem right but truly are not, has multiplied exponentially just in this generation. I have rejected a great number of fine-sounding televangelists, teachers, authors and bible commentators over the past couple of years that I had once respected. So much so in fact, people often wonder if there is anybody I do like.

Fair question.

My answer is ‘oh yes, a great many fine teachers exist, you just have to seek them out, because most refuse to parade themselves or exploit fellow brethren.”

Why have I turned away from most of my old favorite teachers and pet doctrines?

By the goodness of God’s grace in the light of his eternal word.

The more I study the scriptures the better I can rightly divide the good from the almost good; the absolutely right from the mostly right; the pure from the slightly tainted; the whole truth from a partial truth; the gospel of Christ from the gospel of man.

Believe me, it is not easy. I still fall for cleverly camouflaged lies from time to time. But God is always faithful to open my eyes to His glorious truth.

If you don’t have the gift of discernment, pray for God to grant it to you. James 1:5 says God grants wisdom generously to all who ask.

So ask and you shall receive understanding.

Seek and you will find knowledge.

Knock on wisdom’s door and it will open for you.

Ask for the sake of your own soul.

Seek for the good of your family.

Knock for the hope of future generations. Their theologies are being forged in the strange fire of modern evangelicalism. We must stand firm against the weapons of mass deception. The light of God’s wisdom will expose every elaborate web of deceit in the church today.

What are you waiting for?

Our heavenly Father never fails to give good gifts to those who ask!


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