On a More Encouraging Note…

With all my recent posts focused squarely upon the outlandish and destructive tendencies in our churches, I found an uplifting piece of news in the mail today that I would like to share. I received a bulletin from my current church’s student ministry. The youth pastor wrote a blurb informing parents about the summer agenda for his jr. high and high school ministries. I did a double take when I read that the high schoolers would be reading through AW Tozer’s book, The Pursuit of God.

Tozer, now deceased, was a mid-twentieth century pastor/teacher/author who has been called by many a modern day prophet. His bold, uncompromising preaching of the full counsel of God, cutting edge commentary on the culture of his day and stern warnings against the changing methods and message of evangelicalism earned him that title. His warnings hold true more so today than in his time because, as I’m sure you are well aware, evangelicalism has plunged further and further into the depths of silliness and biblical irrelevance. He is one of the most widely quoted men of God in the Christian blogosphere. In fact, I have a post featuring my favorite quote from him.

In a nutshell, Tozer’s teachings are strong meat, not skim milk, like many youth ministry teachings today. Kudos to our youth minister for daring to feed his young flock substantial spiritual food. The Pursuit of God is considered a Christian classic. I admit, I haven’t yet got my mitts on it, but it is high on my reading list. I’ve read many devotions and selected passages from his writings so I feel I am at least somewhat qualified to recommend him.

Hmmmm, I wonder if our youth minister will let me sit in on these summer courses. Honestly, I would be thrilled, I’m sure I would learn a lot. It’s not everyday an adult believer could actually grow in grace through a youth group, but it looks like this is no ordinary ministry.

Praise God!

2 thoughts on “On a More Encouraging Note…

  1. QUOTE: “It’s not everyday an adult believer could actually grow in grace through a youth group…”

    That’s exactly what I thought before volunteering for the local 180 youth ministry. Then, it turned out that every week was another time to learn more about God. Now, we have these U-Nites and even the adults are involved with listening to the message and praising God. They have an open door policy for parents/adults to attend the services. Basically, they just sit in a designated seating area or stand in the back of the sanctuary.

  2. With so many children’s and youth groups being little more than glorified baby-sitting services pacified by circus style entertainment it is refreshing to see some ministries eager to make disciples and nourish them with God’s Holy word. And to have two of those groups in the same small town… well we are blessed indeed.

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