Fanatical Fundamentalism

Over the years of searching the internet for information on various biblical topics or on certain men of God, dead or alive, I’ve occasionally come across self-proclaimed ‘fundamentalist’ websites that perplex me. They perplexed me back in my Charismatic/Arminian days and they still perplex me as a Reformed believer.  These sites appear solid at first peek.  They often contain tons of articles on biblical subjects that go in-depth.  But once I begin reading the material the red flags of discernment pop up. Has this ever happened to you?

Now, when I speak of fundamentalism I’m speaking of a specific niche in the Christian world.  It isn’t just someone who adheres to the ‘fundamentals’ of the faith as the term meant when it first entered the American lexicon a century ago.  No, it has devolved into a term describing a group of people who mercilessly denounce every doctrine that is even at slight variance from their own well-groomed, polished theological system. They can be legalistic, cruel, judgmental and condemning.  Digesting this grace-deficient rot can make you gravely ill, like the time I ate that pizza pocket with black olives.  And like that pizza pocket you will do well to never consume such garbage again.  From my experience, here are a few tell-tale signs that you’ve stumbled onto a fanatical fundamentalist site: Continue reading