Post of the Week: The Church is Full of Hypocrites

Extreme Theology has posted an exceptional article on hypocrisy in the church by Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller.

Here is an insightful excerpt:

There are two things at work behind the accusation of hypocrisy, one true, the other false. The first is the sad reality that the church is often marred with shameful sin. More on this later. But, the second thing behind the accusation of hypocrisy is a wrong assumption about what Christianity is. Those that accuse the church of hypocrisy often assume that the whole point of the Church is to make people good, moral. “You’re a Christian: you’re supposed to be good and holy and all that stuff.” The world sees the church as a place where people go to learn about God’s rules, and to talk about how they are keeping them and the world is not.

Here we must be clear that the main point of Christianity is not our morality and goodness. This is, to be sure, the thing driving every other world religion from Judaism to Hinduism, Islam to Mormonism and even Atheism! All of these “ism’s” are pointing mankind to achieve more and be better, to climb the ladder of moral success and be a good person. But Christianity is different, it begins not with man’s goodness or potential goodness but rather with man’s wickedness. From the first chapters of Genesis until the Revelation given to St John the Bible is a record of mankind’s failure; it is a testimony of his sin.

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