Declaring Heresy

The vitriolic response to the Nashville Statement has stirred up mud from the bottom of the proverbial pond, threatening to cloud the clear waters of truth with murky ideological propositions.

Once upon a time the issues of marriage, sexuality and gender were self-evident in both nature and scripture, but in these confused times no revelation – natural or divine – can be taken for granted.

Thus the Nashville Statement came to be: A declaration of truth about the nature of marriage, the limits of human sexual expression and the common sense understanding of a male/female gender binary. The fact any of this is necessary bears sad witness to the reality that so many people who profess to be Christian can love the darkness so much more than they love the light. Instead of walking into the light of the gospel they hide themselves behind high walls of false, man-made doctrines and arm themselves with self-righteous counter-declarations that promote all that is depraved; then they have the tenacity to bless it with a holy kiss.

Need proof?

There have been a handful of counter statements since the release of the Nashville Statement last week.

The Denver Statement is an article-by-article refutation created by some church or group called Christians at House for All Sinners & Saints in (of course) Denver, CO.

It reads a little tongue-in-cheek at times but it by all account appears to be a serious rebuttal of the Nashville Statement. This is evident by the scores of signatures attached to the document.

It has to be read to be believed. It comes straight from the depths of hell and yes, there are professing Christians who actually think this way.

The response statement I want to spotlight is the one produced by the group Christians United (In Support of LGBT+ Inclusion in the Church).

For starters here is a selection from the preamble:

For decades, many pastors, theologians, and reformers have boldly responded to the Holy Spirit’s call and have stepped forward to call the Church to a renewed understanding of Christian teaching on sexuality and gender identity that includes, affirms, and embraces the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and non-binary, queer community as created and fully blessed by God and welcomed in to the life of the Church and society just as they are, without a need to conform to the heteronormative, patriarchal, binary sexuality and gender paradigm that Christianity has come to promote and embrace.

Let not these modern day ‘reformers’ be confused with the Reformers of the Middle Ages who at great personal risk declared and reclaimed the old truths of the gospel from underneath the rubble of Roman Catholic tradition. No, these ‘reformers’ are more akin to ‘reforgers’. They have melted down the historic Christian faith and have molded a cheap replica, infused with their own biases and lusts.

The reforgers claim they are responding to a call from the Holy Spirit to renew Christian understanding of sexuality. In other words, the Holy Spirit, contrary to Scripture, is not reminding us of Jesus’ teachings and words but is giving the church a new word for a more sophisticated time.

Let that sink in for a moment.

This is a pointed attack against Sola Scriptura. Their battle plan is transparent. A fresh word is needed to establish new doctrines because Scripture Alone refutes all their dogma on sexuality and gender.

The writers of this repugnant document then have the gall to state that all indulgers of sexual and gender misconduct should be welcomed with open arms into the life of the church, just as they are, without guilt, shame or repentance for their deeds. These people have no need to conform to God’s logical design and holy decrees like everyone else – they are exempt. Sola Feels is the mantra and driving force of the apostate church.

the undeniable truth remains that the so-called “traditional” Christian teaching on sexuality and gender identity is being abandoned for a more faithful, Christ-centered, and, we believe, more biblical understanding of sexuality and gender identity that magnifies the creativity of God and celebrates the wide diversity in God’s creation of humanity.

More faithful? Christ-centered? A more biblical understanding of sexuality? I would laugh this off as satire if it weren’t delivered with such sober earnestness. How does embracing sin make us more faithful? How can condoning, encouraging and engaging in forbidden sexual lust conform us to Christ? How can a collection of 69 divinely inspired books that in no place endorses, approves or otherwise illustrates moral examples of homosexuality or transgenderism be invoked to support these things? Rational answers elude me.

There is a not-so-subtle presupposition in the statement’s rhetoric that homosexuality and fluid gender identity somehow magnify God’s creativity and wide diversity in humanity. The cornerstone belief is that homoerotic lust and gender confusion are part of God’s original creation that he called “very good” rather than resulting from the fall into sin shortly thereafter.

How can this be proven one way or the other? I’ll briefly mention only one thing and leave it at that. Before Adam and Eve fell into sin God ordained a pattern for human flourishing according to his design: Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh. This fulfills the earlier commandment to be fruitful and multiply…

What does the therefore refer back to? The fact that God created woman out of man, making what was once one complete entity into two complementary, interdependent persons. These beings come together and join as one flesh and make a family. This is the original intention of God’s designed creative order he called very good. Only after the forbidden fruit incident do we discover in the text the various misuses of human sexuality. The fall has distorted, blighted and obscured God’s original goodness in creation. Homosexuality and gender dysphoria are but a handful of the twisted desires and aberrant thought processes that arise in minds darkened by the sin nature.

The only way a human soul with a god-given conscience can live with sin is by sanctifying it with a creed that employs a kind of twisted logic or rationale to justify the continual practice of it. Nobody knowingly practices a behavior that will condemn them in the end. Every sin must either lead to genuine repentance or self-justification. This is why truth in all its forms are pushed back against with such violent force by the LGBT community. This is why the Nashville Statement has stirred so much controversy. If the defenders of sexual perversion don’t dig in their heels the only avenues left open to them are the road of repentance or the ditch of despair. It is my hope that many will take the narrow path and embrace a gospel of salvation from sin – not to sin.

All this heresy and outright departure from the Christian faith comes just from the preamble. I feel no need to explore it further in this brief article. I think I have proven my case but I’m not happy about any of this.

Christianity in America is on the brink of implosion and I feel helpless to prevent it. I must constantly remind myself the gates of hell will not prevail against the church. Jesus promised us this. God always keeps and sustains a remnant even through the worst of times. It is only by his grace and calling that I continue to love and serve him. It is my prayer that he will continue calling a people for himself out of the world and all its false systems of belief before that great and terrible day of the Lord when he comes to judge all, great and small.






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