The Pressing Need of Today’s Church

“It is the studied judgment of this writer, and he is by no means alone therein, that doctrinal preaching is the most pressing need of the churches today”. “Doctrinal preaching is designed to enlighten the understanding, to instruct the mind, to inform the judgment. It is that which supplies motives to gratitude and furnishes incentives to good works”. “Doctrinal Christianity is both the ground and the motive of practical Christianity, for it is principle and not emotion or impulse which is the dynamic of the spiritual life”. “There is no doctrine revealed in Scripture for a merely speculative knowledge, but all is to exert a powerful influence upon conduct. God’s design in all that He has revealed to us is to the purifying of our affections and the transforming of our characters”. – AW Pink

11 thoughts on “The Pressing Need of Today’s Church

  1. Mr. Walker,
    Hello and welcome to my blog!
    I have just recently read Pink’s brilliant book on ‘The Sovereignty of God.’ He was a man with a firm grasp upon the scriptures. I’ll read anything by him I can get my hands on.
    I’m glad you like my site. Your blog is very impressive, I like your theme. Consider yourself blogrolled!

    Blessings in our Lord Jesus Christ
    Brandon L.

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