Across Christendom – 5/20/10

Here’s another dish of tasty (but occasionally bitter) tidbits from around the Christian world.  Enjoy!

Is the emphasis on numerical church growth putting too much pressure on pastors?

Al Mohler takes a look at the schism rocking the Anglican Communion

Reserve your room for the coming Armageddon!

Powerful quote from AW Pink with added 21st century techno-flair.

Kristine over at Justified interacts with Tim Keller’s teachings from Counterfeit Gods about spiritual adultery.  Her prayer at the end of the article is worth printing out and tucking away in your bible for frequent reference in your prayer life.  I did.

I’m not certain if this whole piece from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is satire or if the ministers interviewed are for real.  I dearly hope it’s all a joke.

Benny Hinn is grooming his heir apparent – 19-yr-old Manasseh Jordon.  He’s got the anointing! Touch not God’s anointed!

Speaking of the Word-Faith movement – here’s an excellent visual demonstration of its theology in practice:

HT: Slaughter of the Sheep

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