A Peculiar Anniversary

Tomorrow marks the 2nd anniversary of A Peculiar Pilgrim. I will be on the road to the Rockies so I’m putting this up early. If I never post again you can safely assume that we drove off a mountain somewhere.
Honestly, it has not been a good year for blogging. In 2007 I churned out about 120 posts. This year – less than 20. Ouch! Yeah, I know, ‘what a slouch.’ I even pondered the unthinkable; retiring from blogging altogether. But I just can’t. This pilgrim is poor and solitary with only a handful of loyal readers (I think), yet I still believe (perhaps vainly) that I can teach people from the scriptures and through my life experiences. So I press on. I will continue my pilgrimage down the road less traveled by for at least another year. I pray that some of you will carry on with me. I can always use the company.
Due to the dearth of quality posts this year I will simply link to my top five posts (in my humble opinion) of 2008:

My Conversion to the Doctrines of Grace Parts Four & Five – This series holds a special place in my heart.  It is both deeply personal and  somewhat humiliating – but it is the truth, in all its unvarnished glory.

The Dirty Word of Modern EvangelicalismBasically a primer on the importance of doctrine and theology in the life of every believer.

The Society of Satan and His GospelA couple of quotes from AW Pink and Michael Horton that has completely changed how I look at the work of Satan in the world today.  Memorable!

Book Review – The Bible – My first official book review tackles the most powerful and influential book of all time.  Do you think I liked it much?

Merry Christmas to all my readers!

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