Happy Anniversary to A Peculiar Pilgrim!

A Peculiar Pilgrim has survived heretics, critics, and even free-willies to make it to the big 0-ONE by God’s grace. A Peculiar Pilgrim was birthed into the blogosphere exactly one year ago today- and blogs everywhere trembled. My initial post Road to Reformation -Part 1 kicked off what has become for me a most wonderful and blessed experience (The jury is still out on just how blessed my readers have been). I love blogging, but I love comments from my readers even more (hint – hint!). Always feel welcome to leave your thoughts, even if they don’t agree with mine. It works to sharpen us all as we continue to come to a full knowledge of the truth.

There are several reasons I chose to start a blog. First, I desired to chronicle my story of turning away from my semi-Pelagian beliefs to Calvinistic ones. Secondly, I wanted to help others who were struggling with the whole Church-Growth/Purpose-Driven movement dominating modern Christianity.

In the beginning I actually had two blogs. My other one was titled Post Tenebras Lux (After Darkness, Light). I used it primarily as a discernment watchblog. After a couple of months I realized I barely had enough time to maintain one blog, much less two. I eventually merged the content of Post Tenebras Lux with this one. In April I posted Coming Out from Among Them – Part 1 (the story of leaving my old church) and my blog emerged from oblivion. To this day, that post has more views than any other – by a comfortable margin.

Another reason I blog is to crystallize my thoughts on various biblical topics. My mind is cloudier than a thick London fog. Writing helps to organize my thoughts as well as develop them more fully. Sometimes my posts are fairly lucid. At other times a post may be little more than a stream of thought put to digital text. in the end, blogging has helped to sharpen my convictions and cement my beliefs in the glorious truths of scripture.This may sound strange, but I look forward to reading my posts several years from now and observing how far I’ve come in my knowledge and wisdom of God’s word. Like the saying goes, I am reformed, yet always reforming.

To celebrate this anniversary I am posting links to my top ten favorite posts of 2007. These are listed in descending chronological order. If you’ve somehow missed any of these articles, here’s your chance to catch up. Enjoy!

What Can Separate Us from the Love of God?

My exposition of Romans 8:33-39 plus a little applied logic to boot.

My Conversion to the Doctrines of Grace -Part 3

A testimonial concerning my conversion from sinner to saint and Pelagian to Calvinist.

What to Do With my Solitude

A reflection on my misuse of God’s gift of solitude.

Coming Out from Among Them – Part 4

The climax of the heart-wrenching separation from my old church.

Does God Send People to Hell?

A blunt refutation of the silly belief that God is not personally involved with condemning sinners to eternal punishment.

Dying to Self – The Absurdity of Pride

I’m frankly surprised this made the list. It is a painfully honest assessment of who I am and the hope of who I am to become.

My Half-Hearted Apology to Jacob Arminius

Truly, no sarcasm here. It is a sincere apology to the most famous free-will advocate of them all – sort of…

Story Time: The House that God Built

The first piece of fiction I wrote after my conversion over 12 years ago.

A Word on Meditation

A short study on the true meaning of biblical meditation and why we should not be afraid to commit ourselves to the life-long discipline of studying God’s word.

Road to Reformation – Part 2

A detailed account of my amazing deliverance from the deception of modern Christianity. The Lord is so good to me.

11 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to A Peculiar Pilgrim!

  1. Happy Anniversary! I look forward to more of the wisdom that comes from your writing. You have even contributed to the opening of my eyes to the heresies and apostasies that plague the church. May the lord bless your hands at writing. Reading your work has surely been a blessing to me.

    So, from one Jar Jar fan to another… Thank you.

    [I had to say it]

  2. Thanks for he encouragement, SMOK. I have been blessed watching you be blessed with the wisdom and understanding God has blessed upon me – if that makes any sense.
    The Lord is opening the eyes of His sleeping saints one by one. The fight is now joined and our weapon is the razor sharp word of God. I explore and teach doctrine and theology because they are the sharpening stones we use to keep our swords at the ready. March on Christian soldiers!

  3. Tim,
    lucidity is the chief goal for all my posts. Many times, though, my pieces are so scrambled there’s little hope to rearrange them before my self-appointed deadlines arrive. If I polished all my posts the way I would like, I may get one post out every two weeks. That would be fatal for a blog, so I’ve slowly learned to just open the faucet and let the thoughts fall where they may. I still will carefully craft some of my posts – but I’ve decided its OK to have posts that are rough around the edges. It’s not easy for me but I’m getting better about it. Thanks for reading.
    God Bless!

  4. Brett,
    It was hard trying to pick out favorites. I actually left out my very favorite posts, the series on man’s Radical Corruption (4 different articles). Mainly because no single post stood out on its own. I just love explaining the doctrines of Grace, including just how corrupt and wicked natural man is. Kinda weird, isn’t it? Thanks for your insights, friendship (and book recommendations). I’ve been tremendously blessed by your blog as well. Here’s to the hope that we will be blogging for the glory of God for years to come!
    God Bless!

  5. You sound a lot like me. I have a very busy mind and it’s sometimes difficult to get things out in a clear fashion. I too have self-imposed deadlines, especially if something really big is going on…such as my post on the document warren and others signed. That was a battle to get out quickly. You may not have the same things that mess with you but the end result sounds very similar.

    Be encouraged….


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