Does God Send People to Hell?

It’s been several months ago, but I distinctly remember having dinner one Friday evening over at a friend’s house with his family. Another recently married couple ate with us too. They all attend a different church than we do, but our beliefs had always been very similar – at least until I embraced the doctrines of grace. The differences in our theologies had become apparent, and somewhat troublesome to them. Despite their apprehension, I proclaimed the gospel truth as I understood it in an after dinner conversation. The wife of the recently married couple sat at rapt attention as I gave a brief overview of the doctrines of Grace. At one point I made a remark about God casting the reprobate into hell, whose sins have not been washed away by the blood of Jesus. She perked up, eyes wide, mouth agape and chimed in with this gem, “God doesn’t send people to hell!”

I raised an eyebrow in surprise. “How is that so?” I asked, although I anticipated where she was taking this line of argument.

She replied, “people go to hell of their own free choice.”

“No one would choose to go into hell.” I countered. “Not one person would decide to enter an eternity of flaming torment over an eternity in heavenly bliss. So how can you say that?”

“People go to hell when they refuse to accept Jesus.”

“So… they simply accept their fate and willingly walk into the fiery furnace?”

“Well… no…”

“They must be sent there – against their will, right? So who sends them there?”

“The devil… maybe.”

“No. Scripture teaches the lake of fire is prepared for the devil and his angels, he does not lord over it. Only a righteous judge can pronounce sentence. The devil does not have that authority. So if we don’t go in willingly and the devil doesn’t take us there, then that leaves God as the only viable option, doesn’t it?”

She had no reply. The plain truth stared her straight in the face and she was loathe to accept it. I went on to proclaim that God the Father is the judge of all the universe. He created hell as a place of punishment for all unrepentant sinners, to stand as an eternal monument to his wrath against sin. The Father has handed His authority to damn and to vindicate over to His Son, who will judge the quick and the dead upon his return to establish his eternal kingdom.  The wicked will be cast into the furnace of fire, where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth (Mat 13:42).

Who will cast them there?

The Lord Jesus Christ, who will sit upon the throne of his glory (Mat 25:31-46). He will judge the hearts and minds of every living person. Jesus will say to many on that day, “I never knew you. Depart from me you workers of lawlessness.” (Mat 7:23)

This silly belief that God does not send people to hell is more evidence of the rotten fruit of modern evangelicalism. Spineless preachers will say, “Oh no, God is too jolly a fellow to actively punish man for his ‘mistakes’. They go there all by themselves, God is not responsible for their doom”.


Of course, it makes complete sense to ‘spiritual seekers’ and “I said a prayer” converts who are spoon-fed this ‘God is a God of love and not of hate’ garbage every weekend in churches across the world. Alas, I fell victim to this ‘Care Bear Christianity’ in my early years as a believer. I spouted the same sentiments as this young woman did! However, after carefully searching the scriptures, God swept away the fog of deception. My eyes now behold the fullness of His glory. A glory that includes his holy attributes of judgment, wrath and justice.

God, by necessity, is a God of hate because He is a God of love. God cannot truly love unless he hates the destructive power of sin that utterly destroys those things He created and called ‘very good’ in the beginning.

As a consequence of sin, death came into the world.

As a consequence of sin, every thought of man’s heart is only evil continually.

As a consequence of sin, God flooded the earth and every living thing perished (Noah and his passengers excluded).

As a consequence of sin, the heavens and earth are reserved for fire and utter destruction.

God can only love if he puts away for all time the forces of evil that rebel against His righteous government. Those who merrily go about committing sin must be given final justice. The word says God is angry with the wicked everyday (Ps 7:11). He hates the wicked and those who do violence (Ps 11:5). This is scriptural truth, it cannot be denied. An infinite hell must exist by necessity to punish men for sins committed against an infinite and holy God. If a man’s sins are never forgiven, his punishment can never cease. God’s holy attributes of justice and wrath will forever be on display in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur. In contrast, God in His boundless mercy and compassion loves his own people enough to send His Son to die on a cross to redeem them. All rebellion must be put down in order for the Father to establish a world where His elect will suffer no more death, sorrow, pain or tears. This is love.

I shudder as I write these words. I do not take them lightly. It is the sober truth. That is why I am so hard on American evangelicalism and why I am critical of many of their high profile preachers and teachers. These old truths are just not presented anymore. Sin and its consequences are reduced to ‘mistakes’. God is painted as the doddering old grandfather who merely winks and pats sinners on the back saying “Ahhh, its OK, just say a quick prayer and we’ll call it good!” But the scriptures are clear;

The times of ignorance God overlooked, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent, because he has fixed a day on which he will judge the world in righteousness by a man whom he has appointed; and of this he has given assurance to all by raising him from the dead.” (Act 17:30-31)

I soon learned my conversation with this young woman had a profound effect on her. She began to have doubts about her own conversion. Now, I don’t know anything about her past or how she came to salvation, but the odds are pretty good she fell victim to the heresy of decisional regeneration. The gospel message I taught seemed foreign to her. My friend rebuked me (in a kind and gentle way) for causing her to question her spiritual state with my ‘abrasive’ approach. My response was, “Self-examination is always a good thing! The Apostle Paul admonishes us to examine ourselves to see if we are in the faith” (2 Cor 13:5). I guess I was supposed to feel bad – but I didn’t. I rejoice that the truth of God’s word pierced her conscience, compelling her to look within her own heart to see if God is actually doing a work there, instead of relying on a preacher’s guarantee of salvation through a canned prayer – or worse, relying on the testimony of her own deceitful heart.

For those who read this and despair of ever escaping God’s righteous judgments, I have good news to share. Jesus Christ died to fulfill God’s justice against sin. He took upon himself the punishment we are all due. In this way God can remain just and have mercy. Run to Jesus for forgiveness, he is more than willing to cleanse you of all your sins. Repent of the wickedness that condemns your soul before a righteous and holy God. It is your only hope. Take hold of mercy while it is offered. After death is the judgment (Heb 9:21) and God will deal out his justice most severely. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God (Heb 10:31). He will trod the winepress of His great wrath and none that have rejected Him shall escape (Rev 14:19-20). Hell is a real place and everyday it enlarges its mouth to receive the countless souls that God casts into its gaping maw (Is 5:14). Examine yourself! Make sure you are not counted among them.

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  1. Hi there, was looking for info on free will and found your page..

    I have to say, that is an amazing combo! no free will, but yes hell.. I like the idea of the ´freewillers´ better to be honest, at least in their mind everybody has a chance. It`s still a impossible idea to comprehend that God would torture his children (disobedient or not) for eternity..

    what about: no free will, no hell? It fit`s scripture even better.
    you know that “lake of fire” and “baptism with fire” that fire is the same word (from the greek pur, strong G4442) Jesus spoke only in parables to the people and His words were spirit, it´s not literal fire. The immortal soul is also not from the bible: the death know nothing, when we die we will be dead and our only hope is to be resurrected.

    Well, there is a lot more to say about this, but I am not a teacher really. I`m just repeating things I have read, but I can see them to be true and it does not contradict scripture. I believe the doctrine of hell to be a false spirit and I don`t believe that I am a heretic for it 🙂
    so If you want you can check out more about this go to or you google for the words hell and hoax 🙂 that`s how I got it.


  2. I was just randomly surfing the web and ran across this blog. I totally disagree with about everything you said, but thanks for saying it honestly. I get so fed up with the patronizing tone of Christians who say “God wouldn’t send people to hell, people choose to go to hell”. What complete and utterly patonizing BS. Christians believe God will send people to eternal and neverending torment. And God made the rules. I think it’s totally absurd and barbaric, and I don’t believe a word of it. But thanks, at least, for sparing me the BS.

    -an atheist

    • I hope that god forgives people who have sinned, im not sure what he does when you go against your own free will, when you force yourself to do something that you did not want to do or become something you know in your heart you are nlot. Unfortuntaly i do believe that hell is real, i only hope that god forgives those who betray themselves

  3. At least you give an accurate take on Middle Eastern Mythology, unlike most of the current believers. In point of fact, to be an omniscient being, God creates every soul with the absolute and complete foreknowledge of whether or not he is condemning that soul to hell for all eternity. This is the inescapable truth of an all knowing God and in no way indicative of a loving or even humane being, quite the opposite. To knowingly create a flawed creature then cast that soul into eternal torment for having been created to begin with denotes a being of absolute corruption and spite, the epitome of hatred and evil.

  4. Thank you for posting this .. i have recently had trouble explaining this doctrine to my family who are very freewill and i brought this up one day during a conversation.. and I could not believe how they acted.. so next time I have this conversation I have something more to say because I am very young and cant hardly find any one with the same doctrinal views as me.. God bless continue the fight

  5. You have helped me today. I now have the conviction that God does send people to hell. Not from what you have written but from the conviction of the Holy Spirit and revelation I recieved while reading your article. On the day of judgement those whose names are not found in the book of life do not get told “you can now take the door on the left which is the entrance to hell or take the door on the right where you will be destroyed so that it was as if you never existed”. When a persons name is not found in the book of life the sentence is hell and the said person will go there kicking and screaming, not willingly. I am still searching for why God does not just destroy the person instead of keeping them in hell for eternity. Could it be that he still loves even the unrepentant sinner so much that he does not want to completely destroy them but has no where else to put them

  6. God is a god of hate because He is a god of love? God does not judge people, we judge ourselves. In the physical world, we naturally fall into groups with individuals who are similar to ourselves, no? In the spiritual world, it is the same way. My religion teaches that things we do in the physical world have a direct effect on our spirits. Unmoral action deforms the spirit. Like a ugly person in a group of super models, one’s spirit will naturally fall into a group of spirits that have similar deformities. The movie What Dreams May Come pretty accurately summarizes what I think of the spirit world, which definitely does not include direct judgment before God.

    A loving Father simply does not damn His children to eternal suffering, especially before he crafts them into His image. He can control their original nature, but not their portion of responsibility.

    We decide our fate, no one else.

  7. Half truths are the most successful lies. When we want to believe or tell a lie, we feel better about it, and even are able to decieve ourselves if half of the lie is truth.

    That is what I see going on here about God and hell.

    If God does not send anyone to hell, then Jesus died and suffered on the cross for nothing.

    His death and resurrection are meaningless.

    Jesus is the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world. He that believes on Him has everlasting life. He who does not will suffer eternal damnation.

    God will cast all unbelievers into hell. He will also cast the fallen angels, who are the demons into hell.

    God the Father’s children are those who have repented of their sin, acknowledge their need for a Savior who of course is Jesus Christ.

    So here where the half truth part comes in. People like to claim God will not damn his children to eternal suffering. So they use this to include all of humanity.

    The error is in the assumption, all of humanity.

    All of humanity are not God’s children.

    God’s children are those who sins have been washed away by the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ.

    Yes, each person has to make the choice whether to reject or accept God’s plan of salvation.

    If a person rejects that plan, he will go to hell.

    In our present state of feel good fuzzy wuzzy feel good world, that is concept is not acceptable.

    The scriptures clearly tells us the gospel is a stumbling block to the so called wise.

    It is the unregenerate and unrepentant spirit of those who deny the existance of hell. This mindset in itself is sinful, this is the sinful state of most of humanity on this earth.

    They are basically calling God a liar. They reject his plan of salvation and want to continue in their sin.

    Thus they must deny the existance of hell, because they are also in denial about their sinful state. Sin is pleasurable for a season, they want no consequences to it. Thus the denial of hell.

    Unfortunately, the day will come when all will stand before The Great Throne of Judgement and those whose sins have not been paid by Jesus Christ will be cast into the lake of fire, hell.

    There will be no more denying of hell on that day.
    Men’s sinful pride will not be able to talk it away.
    Men’s sinful pride will no longer spit in God’s face.

    Yes, God is a loving God. He is also a Just and Holy God.
    Heaven is a place undefiled by sin. No sinner will enter.
    Other those cleansed from sin will enter.

    Many like to claim there will be a scene with St. Peter at the pearly gates. I have my doubts such a scene in heaven will occur, but lets just pretend it does, much like some pretend there is no hell.

    So Peter will ask you at the gates of heaven, why should you be allowed in.

    The appropriate answer is:
    Because Jesus died for my sins.

    He is the other intercessor between God and sinful man.

    It is my prayer that your sinful pride will no longer prevent you from seeing The Truth, The Way and The Life, Jesus Christ.

  8. Hi,

    First time to your blog and I must say that the recent list of comments are shocking. First, I think the “infra” and main stream Calvinist thought on this matter answers the question more succinctly.

    For example, a common misconception is something called Double Predestination. And from the recent posts on this topic this is the general assumption by the Arminians and Atheists which is clearly not biblical.

    So here is the answer to the question. You earned your way into hell. It is our very nature to sin. You are born with enmity with God. Now that being said from the infra point of view it is not God who is the author of evil but rather -YOU! YOU LOVE SIN. You do not seek God. Therefore God is just and righteous for sending you to hell.

    That being said God didn’t “make” (active) you a reprobate. God allows (passive) you to continue in your filthy sin state. Reprobation is God passing over you and leaving you in your own miserable sin state which loves to sin. So is God guilty? Of course not but you are. So the question is not why does God send people to hell. The question is why does he save certain people from it?

    Clearly in Gods kind loving mercy he has saved an innumerable number of people and passed over others. So now that I answered the first question I can now here the rebuttal, “But that is not fair for God to choose only some and not others”? And this is the common rebuttal from people who look at the unsaved as people drowning in a ocean pleading for help. However, this is not the case. People are not victims in a lake but rather are enemies at the gate. If God allowed mankind to fully manifest their nature we would try to kill God himself if we could. We would probably punch him, spit on him, pull his beard, hang him from a ………… Oh Yeah! That’s right.

    So in conclusion God doesn’t sit back in a cruel manner and say, “Yes you, but not you” in terms of who he saves. Rather he opens his loving arms around a certain group of enemies that would love to kill him and grabs hold of them and says,”I love You”. “I forgive You”. All the while allowing the rest to stay in their miserable sin state, God hating condition in which they earn their way into hell.

    So the real question is are you saved? Did God save you or do you love yourself and your sin? Do you love to get drunk, have sexual freedom, do drugs, lie, cheat, steal, etc, etc? Unfortunately if you love sin then you are still an enemy of God and you must be dealt with. Either you will be grabbed and thrown into hell, or you will be embraced and brought into the family of God. Either way we are all enemies until Christ himself saves you then you become part of HIS family. Otherwise you will always be an enemy and God must send you to hell for YOUR OWN sins.

    In Christ,


  9. Be careful to not become a hyper-calvinist.

    Reformed Christians believe in double predestination but NOT a positive-positive double predestination. That is, we do not believe that God works sin in others and actively forces them to reject Christ, thereby making them reprobate. That would make God the author of sin.

    The correct view is positive-negative double predestination. God actively works in the lives of His elect but He PASSES OVER some to their own sins and judges them for it.

    Also, be careful how you treat other Christians. I must say that I disagree with how you treated your friend. I got the impression that you gloated in the fact that you stumbled her in her faith. Apostle Paul strictly forbids us to cause us to stumble others (Romans 14). Let us instruct and teach the sovereignty of God, but never at the expense of stumbling others. And let us also always remain humble and thankful for the grace that God has shown us.

    I will leave you with that exhortation.

    In Him,
    Young Nam

    • Isaiah 45:7 I form the light , and create darkness I make peace , and create evil : I the Lord do all these things

      Isaiah 54:16 Behold , I have created the smith that bloweth the coals in the fire and that bringth forth an instrument for his work ; and I have created the waster to destroy.

      Becarefull about the conculsions you come to: God is soveriegn he is not subject to the laws of man his word will not return unto him void!

    • God doesn’t work sin in others? Read the Old Testament, countless times God “hardens the heart” of those who he wishes to act against him. For instance, when Moses asks the emperor of Egypt to let his people go. God hardens the emperor’s heart to the suggestion and then punishes Egypt for it with the massacre of the passover.

  10. I heard this once. There is a plane load of folks who are in a plane that is going to crash. Only they don’t know it. A man stands up and says, “this plane is going to crash and all who are left in it will die. I have parachutes for everyone, all you need do is come and ask for one.”

    Needles to say, most people said, “why would i jump out of a perfectly good plane? where is the evidence of this impending crash? you can jump, but you are stupid and ignorant to do so.”

    Some took the parachutes. They lived and the plane eventually crashed killing all the remaining passengers.

    Now who is to blame for the people who died? Was it the man offering parachutes to be saved?

    This sounds simplistic and un-theological. But it does hold theological truth. The world, sin adam, is on a one way track to hell. God did not send it there. Now all that is left is for God to reach down and save those who have accepted His hand. Predestination has been well described above, so read this in the context of that. ty.

  11. I would like to start off by saying I am a 5 point Monergist and believe in God’s total sovereignty. However, the question posed on this blog is too vague.

    The questions should be, “Does God execute judgment on the unsaved?”

    Of course the answer is a resounding yes.

    So God sends people to hell just as a Judge sends a criminal to the electric chair.

    The criminal surely isn’t going to choose the electric chair no more than the reprobate would choose hell.

    Now do you see how the question was posed incorrectly?

    @ Young-Hoon Nam

    You are correct. That is what I was trying to stress in my previous post in this thread.

    All of Adam’s posterity by nature are spiritually dead and loves to sin. God merely has to let people remain in their miserable state. At the end of their life God merely acts like a Judge would to a criminal. God applies the proper sentence to the reprobate for their sins just as a Judge sentences a murderer to the electric chair.

    So it is true that none would choose hell just as a murderer does not want the electric chair. However, the sinner choose to sin which is based upon his nature of which upon death God’s judgment will be metered out.

    It is only by the ‘active” force of God can the natural state of man be transformed. Man is born spiritually dead and will act accordingly throughout his entire life unless God actively intervenes and brings that individual from spiritual death to spiritual life.

  12. Wake up and smell the decaf mocachino! God is just! Love Him, be saved, enter His kingdom that He has made for us! Everyone of us have our own rights. We aren’t robots that God created to toy and play around with. God loves us and wants the best for us! Have it your way! Heaven or Hell…’s your choice and nobody can pick for you. You and only you can control your fate! God gave is free will in the hope that we would choose Him! Live it people!!!

    For Christ,

  13. Morgan,

    This is some extremely bad theology, if I may be so blunt.

    “You and only you can control your fate! God gave is free will in the hope that we would choose Him!”

    Do you truly believe the bible teaches that we are completely in control and God is powerless to shape our fate? Have you honestly read the scriptures at all?
    Do you believe that God is sovereign? If he is then by definition we are not in control. If he isn’t then God is not God.

    God isn’t sitting up in the heavenlies wringing his hands simply ‘hoping’ that sinful and depraved people will wake up one morning and perceive their deep need of redemption. This view both underestimates the power of sin and the power and love of God. God’s arm is strong and he plucks those he has chosen out of harm’s way. A good parent who sees their kid wandering onto a busy highway will not simply yell, ‘watch out!” in hopes that he will listen and heed the warning. No, a good parent will risk life and limb to jump into the traffic to rescue that child because the child is precious. God’s elect are precious to him and he has sacrificed himself in the person of Christ to secure their redemption from death and hell. This is love.
    Ask yourself if God owes you or any other sinner his love. If he sends sinners to hell is he unjust? God forbid! There is no injustice with God.

  14. so what it appears all of you are saying is that there are no kind decent people in this world. We are all sinners and will remain so until death. The only hope for salvation is to embrace jesus. However what about those who have taken jesus into their hearts but continue to sin?

    You are all saying that man cannot not sin so how does accepting jesus make a person stop sinning? something as simple as telling A lie is sin. If you feel anger or even hatred for someone who has severly wronged you or your loved ones that is a sin as you are comitting murder in your heart.

    How are we to be aware all the time of the multitude of sins we comit daily so we can ask forgiveness for everything.
    So many things can be considered sinful is it acceptable to ask for forgiveness for the sins we are aware of and ask in addition to be forvgiven for sins we have comitted that we may not be aware of?

    i am constantly searching for so many answers but one i cannot find an answer to is this: Why did God really create us? so many will tell you it is because he loves us and wants us to lve him and know him. However i fear him more then want to know him. I believe in him and jesus but he terrifies me to tell the truth.

    I feel i was created for Little more then to worship him. Sometimes i wish he didnt give us free will then we all could be exactly what he wants us to be. I know god wants us to come to him of our own free will but there are so many ways in which we can stuff everything up i really wonder how many truly make it to heaven. I dont want an eternity in hell however reading over and over again what a hopeless sinner i am and how i havent got a hope without asking for forgiveness from jesus doesnt really help people to have much of an opinion of themselves.

    Pride is gods number one worst sin but surely self respect is allowed. If someone is constantly told they are evil then how can they respect themselves?

    I believe we need guidance and i believe that handing your faith over to jesus and his will for you is not a bad thing. However being taught that no matter how hard you try not matter how many selfless things you do, by nature you are a sinner regardless really makes me wonder why create us at all when he knew full well that many of his children would never know him!

    • Dear Unsure,

      My sweet sweet fellow brother or sister in Christ. There are many kind and decent people in this world but all are sinners. You are correct that your only hope, that anyones hope is through the blood of Jesus. If you believe this then your sins are forgiven even though you will continue to sin. God looks at you through his Son’s sacrifice and forgives you because of your faith in him. The difference now is that you will be aware of your sins and you will hate it. You will want to repent of them but you will keep on sinning. Daily you will ask his forgiveness and you will be forgiven. Don’t ever think though that you will be sinless. The only one who ever has been is Jesus. Believe in him and you are forgiven…
      you will not go to Hell. God will not cast out those who believe in his son.

      Yes, you were created for his pleasure. You are to worship him and live your life for him. The only reason anything exists is for His glory. The more your faith grows, the more you will understand this. Please read and study the bible every day. Keep searching the scriptures and the Holy Spirit will answer you. Pray for great faith and you will have it. You are a fellow saint in his kingdom. You have no idea how great you are. You are exactly the type of person he loves and died for! One day we will meet in Heaven!

  15. A-fricken-men to God being a god of vengeance. The major fallacy in Christianity today is the idea that God is benevolent. I probably don’t agree with your social ideals at all, but I’m glad that you honestly admit to worshiping a vengeful, murderous deity. Jehovah is one of the OLD gods who will swiftly smite anyone who does not obey his eternal law. The sooner Christians stop trying to seem like “good guys” the better, and more honest our society will become!

    @Scoobasteve For your plane example…The man is supposed to be God or Jesus, correct? The difference between the man and God is that the man did not create the situation in the first place, or at least you did not mention if he did. If the man with the parachutes CAUSED the plane to crash, then we would think of him as an evil, mass murdering sociopath. God created human beings with the capacity to sin, knew that we would sin, and then punished us for using the very choice that He gave us. The fact that God created a Hell to torment those for using his given free will in the first place speaks to the fact that God cannot be benevolent. Either God is evil, or hell must actually be relatively pleasant. Somewhere, Christian doctrine is wrong.

    In a counter example, if someone purposely sets a house on fire and then goes in and saves the family living there, is that person a hero? Is it a good deed to put people in danger, and then offer them “salvation” for a situation that is ultimately your fault? You know the answer. Blindly accept your God as a wrathful being and deal with your conscience for doing so, or let your common decency guide your heart to ask questions.

  16. Thank you for your willingness to share the truth, and believe me, you did share the truth. I too fell victim to the “care-bear Christianity” that you spoke of, but God has opened up my eyes to see that it is essentially all about Him. I love what one preacher said when He said, God doesn’t love us for who we are, God loves us (His elect) for who He is. Shall not the potter have power over the clay….? Too many forget the fact that we are the clay. Thanks once again.

  17. ‘When I was a little girl, my mother would remind me each night before bed, to open up my heart to God, for He was kind, merciful, and just. Things changed when my father left a few years later, leaving her to raise me and my brothers in a place on the edge of the Mojave Desert. She never talked of a kind and merciful God again. Instead she spoke of a prophecy. Of a time when all the world would be covered in darkness and the fate of mankind would be decided. One night, I finally got the courage to ask my mother why God had changed, why He was so mad at His children. “I don’t know,” she said, tucking the covers around me, “I guess He just got tired of all the bullshit.” ‘

    From Legion, the movie.

    • Hi, God doesn,t change, theres no need for perfection to change. Time was created by God probably because we need to change and time is necessary for change. The walk can be hard, very hard . It was not God that left your Mother and family, it was your father . Pray for your father and keep loving . Parents are not perfect except God. God Bless you and remember Even Jesus cried, the hand of God cried and the hand belonged to God and is God.Love heals because God is Love. Love Jay

  18. I think you have rightly hit the nail on the head. May we not forever be rebellious; following our own ways other than God’s. i believe with true repentance, faith in Jesus Christ and obedient living, we shall not miss Heaven and all these are possible! For, His commandments are not burdensome. 1John 5:3(b). AMEN

  19. Great to see some straight dope on this question. Of course God sends people to hell! He’s the one with the power, none of us get any choice in the matter any more than we allow criminals to enter jail or not.

    Yet still we this “the gates of Hell are locks from the inside” nonsense. Way to come up with a convoluted solution when the obvious is staring you in the face.

  20. I understand that ultimately God sends people to hell for their sins. Only those who have not applied the blood of Jesus to those sins and repented and turned to live their lives in obedience to God. Understanding that none of us can do that perfectly—-we are not sinless saints but we are saint (because of Jesus) who sin less and less.

    No one who is going into the lake of fire will be able to say “Jesus? I do not know who that is or what he has done.” All will know and will realize they had a chance here on earth to accept Jesus and receive forgivness of their sins. But, they chose not to believe!!! God’s word says “I place before you life and death, blessings and curses….choose life. I believe we all have free will to choose to follow Jesus or choose to follow our own reasoning. Thanks for hearing me out and God bless.

  21. If God exists, then I really hope he’s a judge like you said. If that’s the case, then we’ll all be able to go to hell. And you’re wrong about nobody would choose to go to hell. I believe a lot of people in this world believe that hell is the only place for them. Me? i believe everyone(yes, including me) should go to hell.

  22. If you haven’t notice from my previous post. I am an Atheist. Why am I an Atheist? Because I can only imagine God as an evil being that seeks to torture and destroy us. If this evil being exists, then we can only burn in hell. According to the bible, everything we do is evil. Whatever good we do will never atone for our sins.

    So what if Jesus sacrificed himself? That only removed the original sin. We are sinful just by living our daily lives. Why do I say that? Do you know of the evils in the rest of the world? Have you actively stopped the evils? The moment we turn a blind eye to them, we’re doomed to eternal suffering in hell. He judges us based on our actions and our inactions. :

    Know that we’re also judged by our thoughts and emotions. “Whose kid is that? Someone should shut that kid up.” You’re doomed to hell. You looked at a married woman and thought “She’s quite pretty.” You’re doomed to hell. You felt like killing someone for what that person did. You’re doomed to hell. You saw an item that you really wanted and thought to covert it as your own. You’re doomed to hell.

    And that is why I embrace Atheism. If a being that is considered to be perfect exists, then we the imperfect ones can only burn in hell for all eternity. I am not posting this to convert you to Atheism or anything. I just want you to know that if God truly exists, then our fate is sealed. Worshipping him will not do you any good, he’s here to judge you, not to be worshipped.

    • Hi Atheist,if you was to say that you didn,t beleive in a pen or pencil surely you would never need to look for one because the pen or pencil dosn,t exist. Therefore an atheist using sripture to disprove God is really saying God could exist. Let beleivers be beleivers as they naturally are , no need to attack, as in your mind God dosn,t exist so any word you read in scripture is as dead as a dodo. Remember you don,t beleive and your excercising free will and your throwing stones, that clear. Let a beleiver beleive what they want just as you do, but throwing stones at something that you say dosn,t exist is (remember you have been compelled to enter an arena that dosn,t exist. . You are welcome but nobodys there, your looking for something that dosn,t exist in your mind so why bother. If theres no God your not saving anyone from doom. You have a right to be an Atheist but you don,t sound like a very good one.Theres a good beleiver and theres a bad beleiver just as theres a good Atheist and a Bad Atheist. Maybe you havn,t found a good reason to be good. If a good Atheist can,t simply get on with a good beleiver then your free will to understand Humanity is flawed. Birds of a feather flock together so my question is Why are you flying amongst Eagles when your acting like a Turkey?

    • If god is man-made then man made god. So your choice of words dosn,t make any sense to me because if god doesn,t exist then man never made god. How can man make something that has never existed within your free choice of what to beleive. You probably meant that lies are man-made but again lies don,t really exist because they are lies. And if Man did make God then God does exist . Your words not mine. Something made is something made. How about God is a Myth, then i would understand what your saying, even if I didn,t agree. Lies exist only as an illusion but truths appear to have no end and maybe no beginning. I think the common ground is seeking something, and when someone seeks they will find things unless nothing exists. Theres matter and anti matter, theres Christ and anti Christ. Whatever the truth is a seeker has a good chance of finding something. If the something is a lie then leave the lie behind so the seeking doesn,t stop. If someone isn,t interested in truth then no need to seek. Why would someone seek lies? Probably to deceive those that are innocent. This subject about whether theres is a God or not is no different than proving if love exists or not. I feel Love and see its effects which are good. Show me something that man didn,t make or design then figure out who made it. Isn,t creation all that exists. Cheers.

  23. I love how Xians try to justify their beliefs and argue different views of god, yet can only do so within the confines of their religion. People, lets use some skeptical thinking and logic. The Xian god is responsible for sin and rightly so should take his lumps.

    Working from the xian premise that god is omniscient. Also, according to xians, god lives outside of this universe and is not encumbered by neither time nor space. That being said, Your free will is a facade and irrelevant because your god knows all. Yes, Yes, I know. Knowledge of an upcoming event does not negate free will. But…events ran in a controlled environment, where the outcome is already established does indeed negate free will. Let’s see how.

    An omniscient being who is outside of time does have have a linear existence. Once the thought has formed to create life, said being knows every possible path that exists instantly. Your god cannot have a 99% accuracy or else he is not god. It’s 100% or nothing.

    So, once god conceived the notion of creation, He knew that Lucifer would rebel, be cast down and tempt man. He knew Adam and Eve would “sin” He knew/knows the path of every single human being on this planet from birth to death. Then; set the rules contrary to the outcome. According to your beliefs, we have been given a fake choice to make. The reason why it’s a fake choice is because the outcome is already known by the creator. Since many xians like to use the father and child metaphor when speaking about their god, here is a great example.

    I don’t feed my child for several days so I know that he is hungry. I put a plate of freshly baked cookies on the table within his reach, telling him that if he eats a single crumb I will kick him out of my house. But if he does not eat the cookies, then in a weeks time I will make him his favorite meal. The child will eat the cookies! His body dictates that his hunger must be satisfied, regardless of any future promised. Did my child really have a choice? This is the same kind of choice that your god has given man kind. Punishment was set up in advance with full knowledge of what will happen. Hence, your god is the creator of sin.

    You cannot suppose a superior being with an intellect that we cannot understand (which in our understanding we would be equal to children in comparison), and then state that that same intellect who created us this way with full knowledge of what and who we are, would purposefully contrive to undo us for some sense of self worth that we MUST give or we are eternally damned. Extremely Illogical! Indeed that is a hateful deity. Zeus has done no worse.

    To deny the responsibility that your god has to his creation is putting him in a box which you yourselves state is not possible. Once again. The Judeo-Christian god is INDEED responsible for sin. He is indeed a small, spiteful, jealous little thing that is not worthy of devotion, love and praise. He is in fact…imaginary. Something to make people feel better about who they are and what they do.

    • You believe what you beleive and others beleive what they beleive. If you was to hurt any of my children I beleive I would kick your ass and torture you until i finally got rid of you .Wouldn,t you protect your loved ones or are you a coward. If you expect God to be a coward then you don,t fear God. If God does exist then think about that. I,m sorry for being rude . Love protects the innocent, Love is not just a smile.

    • Then your oath as a defense attorney was empty.and without integrity. So your not threatened by stuff like that , your oath was a lie, and because you was probably scared to loose your job you placed your hand on a book that you appear to have no respect for. Very ironic for you to have anything to do with justice. No wonder your Anonymous.

  24. I stumbled across this article as I am going through a spiritual crisis and questioning everything. The one thing I have on my heart is, even if we do accept Jesus as Savior and try to live our lives in accordance with God’s will because we genuinely want to, will he still destine some people to Hell? I have asked Christ into my life so many times I can’t even count, but I still can’t shake the feeling that eternity in Heaven isn’t in the works for me. Maybe I just really hate myself…

    • The most important thing to remember is that God never rejects those who come to him on his terms – repentant faith in Christ. But this in itself is a gift of God’s grace (Eph 2:8). Those who come to him are enabled by his grace to do so because the sin nature so hardens the heart that no one has the ability or desire to come to him in his own strength. Don’t let your assurance depend on how many times you’ve asked Jesus into your heart or how well you lived – ultimately these things don’t matter. The only thing that matters is recognizing yourself as a helpless sinner who cannot measure up to God’s standards who wholly depends upon a Savior who has already lived the life you couldn’t and died the death you deserved.

    • Hopefully you only hate injustice and any bad act you have ever committed. If you hate yourself then do you know why. Only hate the act and not yourself. Your small paragraph is full of wisdom and I thank God for your honesty. You,ve asked for Jesus and you,ve got Jesus even if you don,t think so. Jesus will not fail you even if you became just a smouldering wick of faith Jesus will not fail you. You have Wisdom my friend because God is clearly guiding you. Think of Jesus as Gods Hand. Now look at your hand, does it obey you , does it do what you want it to. Now who you are includes your hand so your hand is you., its not someone elses hand. If someone was so familular with your hand then if you only showed your hand the person who knows your hand would not say hello hand. They would say hello (your name). Thats who jesus is, Gods obeying hand and therefore God. I hope you feel better now . Love Jay.

  25. Loved this – Excellent and well said.

    It’s a teaching that is founded and grounded in absolute truth of God’s Word but even more profound (and somewhat sad) is that in order to even remotely come close to grasping this truth, one has to be grounded in other foundational truths of the Word – It’s like trying to teach someone how to use a calculator….but they also don’t have a clue what the symbols mean, don’t even know what the numbers mean and generally have no idea what math is in the first place…

    WHY would I click on these numbers? When do I click on these symbols…?
    Am I even trying to figure something out at all???
    Math problem? I didn’t know there WAS a problem…

    Thank you for your input, yo!

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