Breaking News: God stripped of His Power and Authority

I don’t make this stuff up, people. The modern church is impossible to satire. The truth is much more absurd than fiction. Dr. Albert Mohler in his daily blog discusses a recent article from the Arizona Daily Star about a growing trend among churches to refer to God as anything and everything but ‘Lord’. You really must read this to believe it…

I have an opinion on the origin of all these PC gender-neutral terms and hierarchical and patriarchal phobic beliefs – and someday I may be brave enough to post about it. For now, enjoy as Dr. Mohler sinks his teeth into this postmodern rebellion.

2 thoughts on “Breaking News: God stripped of His Power and Authority

  1. WHAT AN APOSTASY!!! Yet, on the other hand, I am not surprised one bit. I MUST kick my soap-box away because I will stand on it and protest in a filibuster fashion. To see THE LORD stripped of HIS identity is pure rebellion and and act in favor of Satan. So, is Satan stripped of his “male” gender and title as “Prince of the air” as the Bible says? Probably not. What can you expect from a church LED BY LESBIANS!!! HYPOCRACY AT ITS VERY DEFINITION!!! ABOMINATION TO THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!!! MY HEART CRINGES AT THIS… THIS… POOP!!! Lord forgive me for steaming.

  2. It’s OK to vent. This is a ‘Jesus driving the money-changers from the temple’ type of righteous indignation. This is blatant, in-your-face rebellion of the worst kind. Is God just a God of love – period? All his other attributes such as the judge and executor of divine justice are painted over in a collage of puffy white clouds and pink hearts. It’s disgusting…

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