Cutting the Sinner Off

Now that I have your full attention, let me direct you to this wonderful post by John Hendryx over at the Reformation Theology blog.

John also runs what I simply call the Best. Website. Ever. – It is the most incredible, comprehensive resource of Reformation Theology ever assembled in cyberspace. John has a keen understanding of the concept of monergism as opposed to synergism. He has an ability of explaining these high level theological systems in a way that is very easy to grasp. I highly recommend that you read every article he has written on the subject. John’s writings are only a drop in the ocean, however, compared to all the material from venerable dead theologians he has to offer. Many contemporary reformed theologians are featured there as well. The sheer volume of information available is likely to overwhelm you at first. Just pick a topic and dig in. Centuries of Godly wisdom and knowledge are to be found there. You must check it out!

Yeah, I know, this is yet another post linking to someone else’s work, but don’t give up on me yet. I’m still recovering from my illness. My energy level is still low, so I don’t stay up late blogging like I should. Maybe, I’m getting too old for this sort of foolishness… Naaah!

Believe it or not I have many writing projects on the burner including several mailbag questions I’m in the process of answering. I also plan on launching a series of posts explaining the 5 points of Calvinism. All this and much, much more will be coming to a monitor near you! Stay tuned!

OK, I’m done humiliating myself with cheesy self-promotion. You may continue on with your life now.

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